5th - 6th September 2024

Rostock Warnemünde, Albert-Einstein-Str. 2, 18059 Rostock, Germany

Research on flow-induced blood damage in rotating systems is the main topic of the Institute of Turbomachinery (ITU) at the University of Rostock. In order to promote international research, we invite the “Biomedical Fluid Mechanics” community to a workshop, to discuss current research on flow-induced blood damage with special focus on rotating systems. We will discuss theoretical approaches to blood damage mechanisms and their application to rotating blood pumps and ECMO. The workshop will focus on numerical modelling of blood flow in the systems and experimental investigation of blood damage.


Full programme will be available in due course.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank-Hendrik Wurm
Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Torner
Institute of Turbomachinery, University of Rostock, Germany

New Important Dates:

Fee Structure:

Reduced the fee for ERCOFTAC members. All participants and ERCOFTAC (database) access will receive all presented and generated scientific results after the workshop.


Two Days of Powerful Talks will focus on:

  • the numerical handling of blood flows in rotary flow systems,
  • the experimental detection of blood damage and the transition to numerical blood damage models,
  • the numerical blood damage prediction in rotary systems as well as the numerical flow optimization in rotary blood pumps, e.g. for the clinic or the industry.

After the first edition in 2019 and two years of pandemic, the 2022 workshop provided again a productive discussion platform for the research community working on flow-induced blood trauma. Attendance doubled from the first workshop, with participants from Australia, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Italy, and Germany. The participants from universities represented the fields of biorheology, physics of cell damage and flow-induced stresses on cells in rotary blood pumps, ventricular assist devices (VAD) and extracorporeal membrane oxygenators (ECMO).

A special feature of the workshop is that it is exclusively specialized on the topic of »flow-induced blood damage in rotating systems«. This topic is often limited to one session with just four presentations at classical conferences (ESAO/ASAIO). Therefore, one main reasons for organizing the workshop was to realize a free, long-lasting and open exchange of knowledge and problems regarding research in »flow-induced blood damage in rotating systems«. The aim is to tackle and discuss these problems together.

Therefore, the focus of the workshop lies on the discussions, and there exists a time window of 20 minutes after every presentation for discussing problems, which were stated in every presentation. This is also in contrast to the classical conferences, like the ESAO conferences. Here, the discussions are reduced to 5 minutes, which may reduce the scientific exchange in the organizer’s opinion.