DLES 12 - Direct and Large Eddy Simulation 
Madrid - 5-7 June 2019


Location: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid: Campus de Madrid - Puerta de Toledo

Goals of the Workshop:

The goal of the workshop is to establish a state-of-the-art of DNS, LES and related techniques for the computation and modelling of turbulent and transitional flows. The broad range of featured topics for the 12th edition of DLES in Madrid will be:

• LES Fundamentals
• LES modeling
• Quality of LES
• Numerical techniques
• Heat & Mass transfer
• Biological flows
• Multiphase flows
• Industrial applications
• Environmental and geophysical applications
• Reacting flows and combustion

This gathering of specialists in the field will be a unique opportunity for discussions about recent advances in the prediction, understanding and control of turbulent flows in academic and industrial applications.

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