ERCOFTAC SIG50 and SIG35 Workshop

Turbulence and Instabilities in Plasma Flows

25th - 27th November 2019

Écully, France


Plasma flows are ubiquitous in nature – pervading the Earth’s environment through the interplanetary space – while hot and cold plasmas are operated every day in research, industrial and public facilities, with state of the art plasma technologies being already at the base of modern fusion reactors, aerospace engineering, navigation and communication infrastructures. Advancing fundamental research on plasmas is therefore critical to support the development of sectors that are strategic worldwide and to underpin the many technological applications based on plasma frameworks. 

This workshop will address fundamental issues and major science and engineering applications of the research on plasmas, with a special focus on non-linear turbulent dynamics and flow instabilities. The event will gather scientists working on novel theoretical and numerical methods for plasma modeling, space plasmas and next generation of experimental fusion and cold plasma facilities.

The workshop will host also the kick-off meeting of the recently approved ERCOFTAC "Special Interest Group” (SIG#50) on geophysical fluids and astrophysical plasmas:

More information is available here