SIG Workshops & Summer Schools for 2016

SIG 28 JMBC/ICSS Combustion Course, Eindhoven, NL, 19-22 Jan 2016, Coordinators: Profs V.A. Van Oijen, L.P.H De Goey

SIG 5  Modelling Mixing & Transport in Lakes, Estuaries and Harbours, Trieste, Italy, (MMTLEH16) February 2016, Coordinator: Prof. V. Armenio

SIG 35  New Challenges in Turbulence Research IV, 20-25 March 2016,Les Houches, école de physique, Grenoble, France, Coordinator: Prof. C. Cambon

SIG 45    Uncertainty Quantification in Industrial Analysis and Design, ECCOMAS Congress, Crete, Greece, 5-10 June 2016, Coordinator: Prof. S. Sarkar

SIG 28 Summer School on Near-Wall Reactive Flow, Bensheim, Germany, 6-10 June 2016, Coordinator:Profs. A. Dreizler, T. Poinsot, and A. Sadiki

SIG 28: Gas Engine Combustion Fundamentals, Zurich, Switzerland, June 2016, Coordinator: Prof. D. Roekaerts