Transition Modelling

GE. Munich, Germany

May 21-22 2015 

Course Coordinator: Dr. Andreas Krumbein, DLR, Germany

After two successful realizations ERCOFTAC is proud to announce another two day course on Transition Modelling thematically adapted to current fields of high importance and interest.

Aims and Scope

With the general increase of the use and importance of CFD methods and the increased wish for highly accurate simulations, the need has grown for the availability of reliable transition prediction methods for configurations from many different application areas ranging from turbomachinery and aircraft flows to helicopters and wind turbines. On the one hand, the physical effects to be simulated, the transition mechanisms and their parameters have grow n. On the other hand, the configurations are becoming more and more complex. Thus, the availability of different transition modelling approaches serving as complementary techniques in CFD codes is highly beneficial.

The aim of the course is to discuss the physical phenomena in different transition processes and the appropriate approaches for considering them in CFD simulations focusing on external
aerodynamic flows and internal turbomachinery flows based on the intense development of transition modelling approaches which have been realized in the last decade. Topics of grow ing importance are transition in flows over vehicles at supersonic and hypersonic speeds and environmental inf luences on transition at laminar f low technology aircraft.

Specifically, the course aims to provide:

 Overview of transition modelling approaches
 Discussion of transition mechanisms
 Detailed discussion of approaches, dependent on the application area
 Recommendation for appropriate and ef fective application of transition modelling

 Dr. Andreas Krumbein, DLR, Germany
 Prof . J. Pralits, University of Genoa, Italy
 Dr. Florian Menter, Ansys, Germany
 Dr. Stefan Hein, DLR, Germany
 Dr. Géza Schrauf , Airbus, Germany



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Members €580, Non-Members €850

Please note fee does not cover accommodation