11th Osborne Reynolds Research Student Award

& UK Industry Day

16th - 17th July 2013

BP Institute, Madingley Rise

Madingley Road, Cambridge CB3 0EZ

Summary report

This prestigious award recognises the quality of young UK researchers in fluid dynamics, acoustics, combustion or turbulence and their ability to communicate their work.

You are encouraged to enter the award competition if:

 You are a PhD student currently studying in the UK or have been awarded a PhD from a UK University after 1st January 2012.

 Your research topic is in any fluid dynamics, acoustics, combustion or turbulence specialisation. Areas of “applied” fluid mechanics or the “physics of flows” are particularly welcome.

The award finalists, who will be selected from entrants on the basis of submitted abstracts, will be invited to present their work at The BP Institute, Tuesday 16th July 2013. The sponsors will meet travel costs to and from the venue. A panel of eminent researchers will judge the presentations. The winner will be awarded the Osborne Reynolds Prize of £400, and the runner-up will receive £100. Five finalists will receive a certificate of merit in recognition of their effort. Up to three of the highest ranked finalists will be entered into the European wide da Vinci award.

Please submit a 3-page long extended abstract, including relevant figures, results and key objectives of their research (Arial font 10 or larger) in electronic format to Dr. David Standingford (david.standingford@zenotech.com). Previous entrants may re-apply if they still qualify.

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 24th May 2013 (5 pm)
Finalists will be selected by: 15th June 2013

ERCOFTAC welcomes all entries from Physics, Engineering and Mathematical Departments. Topics can have a wide scope from applied applications, quantum turbulence to the fundamentals of fluid dynamics!

To register or for further information, please contact:
Dr. David Standingford | david.standingford@zenotech.com

UK Industry Day 17 July 2013

We are introducing a UK Industry Day to bring together the UK flow, turbulence and combustion community to consider challenges of interest to industry and academia, where opportunities may exist for collaborative innovation.

Keynote Address

 Professor Lord Julian Hunt (University College London)

“How industrial and environmental technology is using new research in turbulent flows”

Invited Speakers

 Prof. AW Woods (BP Institute) “Mixing in Turbulent Jets and Plumes: theory and experiment”.

 Dr. Nadir Ince (Alstom) “Quality and Trust Requirements for Industrial CFD”.

 Prof. Mark Savill (Cranfield) “Quantifying Guidelines & Criteria for Using Turbulence Models in Complex Flows”

 Ron Bates (Rolls-Royce) “Uncertainty management in a complex engineering environment”.

 Chris Carey (ANSYS) “Simulation and Robust Design”.

 Prof. Norman Wood (Airbus) “Challenges for innovative wing designs”.

 Prof Kwing-So Choi (Nottingham) “Drag Reduction Innovations”.

 Lynne McGregor (Technology Strategy Board) “TSB, its organization and role in bringing academia and industry together in R&D”.

Collaboration Opportunities

 Technology Leads (EPSRC & TSB) Amanda Chmura and Lynne McGregor.

Call and Programme


To register or for further information, please contact:
Dr. David Standingford | david.standingford@zenotech.com