Fluid Structure Interaction with Impact on Industrial Applications

16-17 October 2014, EDF, Chatou-Paris, France

Dr. Marianna Braza, IMFT, France


Dr. Elisabeth Longatte, EDF, France

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The scope of this course is to bring together the academic and industrial scientific communities in Fluid Dynamics (FD) and Structural Mechanics (SM) on this topic, in order to address the state-of-the-art methods in theoretical, experimental and numerical approaches. The course contents involve fluid-structure interaction phenomena associated with solid structure rotation, fluid-structure coupling involving instabilities, vibrations, separation. A principal goal is to enable researchers in the FSI community with state-of-the-art methods for analysing the fluid-structure interaction phenomena and to come up with quality achievements and best practice guidelines for efficient and secure design. The domains of applications cover a large spectrum including flow and movement induced vibrations in hydrodynamics and in aerodynamics.

The course will be composed of ten Key Note Lectures. A large audience coming from the above academic and industrial communities is previewed.


Prof. G. Barakos, University of Liverpool, UK
Prof. A. Bottaro University of Genova, Italy
Prof. F. Chinesta, Ecole Centrale Nantes, France
Dr. T. Coupez, CEMES Sophia Antipolis, France
Dr. E. Fares, Exa Co, France
Dr. Y. Hoarau, ICUBE, Strasbourg, France
Prof. K. Hourigan, Monash University, Australia Dr. A. Revell, Univ. Manchester, U.K
Prof. M. Schaeffer, University of Darmstadt, Germany
Dr. J. Vos, CFS Engineering, Switzerland
Prof. J. Hunt, CPOM, UCL, UK
Prof. A. Mahbub, Shenzhen Grad Sch., Harbin Inst of Technology, China



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To register: Dr Richard Seoud

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