Industry Events 2011 

Dr Richard Seoud, Industry Engagement Officer, announces the 2011 programme of events for industry:


Course: Uncertainty Management & Quantification in Industrial Analysis & Design

3rd - 4th March 2011, GE Global Research Centre, Munich, Germany
& -
15th - 16th September 2011, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Hampton-Marina, Virginia, USA

Coordinator: Prof. Charles Hirsch, Numeca International, Belgium


- Industry requirements and objectives for uncertainty quantification (UQ) and risk reduction with robust design

- Methodologies for UQ and for robust design under uncertainties

- Examples of applications and test cases with prescribed uncertainties

- Introduction to robust design methodologies

- Presents the state of the art and outlook for next Technology Readiness Level (TRL), including an introduction to a best practice guide for UQ


Course: Transition Modelling

25th - 26th May 2011, GE Global Research Centre, Munich, Germany

Coordinator: Prof. Erik Dick, University of Ghent, Belgium


- An overview of transition modelling approaches

- A discussion of transition mechanisms

- Detailed discussion of approaches, dependent on the application area

- Recommendations for appropriate and effective application of transition models


Course: CFD for Dispersed Multi-Phase Flow (in collaboration with SIAMUF)

7th - 8th June 2011, Innventia, Stockholm, Sweden

Coordinator: Prof. Martin Sommerfeld, Universitat Halle-Wittenberg, Germany


- Provide fundamental background knowledge on fluid mechanics of dispersed multi-phase flows

- Discuss engineering models for dispersed multi-phase flow problems and their translation into CFD problems for Euler-Euler and Euler-Lagrange formulations

- Provide guidance on best practices


Course: Flame Stabilization for Industrial Burners

26th - 27th September 2011, GE Global Research Centre, Munich, Germany

Coordinator: Prof. Dirk Roekaerts, TU Delft, The Netherlands


- General principles of burner design

- Scaling rules for different burner designs

- Relation between flow-chemistry interaction and extinction and ignition

- Modeling methods

- Experimental techniques

- Modern developments


Course: Design Optimisation – Methods and Applications

15th - 16th November 2011, Cassidian, Manching, Germany

Coordinators: Prof. Kyriakos Giannkoglu, NTUA, Greece
                          Dr. Werner Haase, Haase Consultancy, Germany


- An overview of modern design optimisation methods

- Comprehensive discussions on the presented methods including their pros and cons, assisting industrial engineers to select the best-suited approach for solving their particular problems

- Based on the latter topic, successfully treated examples in the areas of aeronautics, the automotive, and the turbo-machinery industry will be presented and thoroughly discussed.


Course: RANS and Hybrid RANS-LES Methods in Industrial CFD -Overview, Guidance and Examples

October/November 2011 (a four day event ), GE, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Coordinators: Prof. Anthony Hutton, ERCOFTAC
                          Dr. Charles Mockett, TU Berlin


- An overview of turbulence modelling

- A firm foundation in the theory and ideas underlying RANS, LES and Hybrid RANS-LES techniques

- Recommendations and guidance for the appropriate and effective application of RANS and Hybrid RANS-LES

- Examples from real-world engineering simulations

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