West-East High Speed Flow Field Conference 2007

19th November 2007


WEHSFF Conference was originated as US-Europe and
Database Workshops on High Speed Flow Field. The first two
conferences were held in Houston, the United States in 1995,
and in Naples, Italy in 1997, respectively.

Due to their success, the organizing committee decided
to transform and extend to a new conference entitled:
"West-East High Speed Flow Field Conference" (WEHSFF
Conference), and the first one was held in Kyoto, Japan,
in November 1998. The next one took place in Marseilles,
France, in connection with the European Flownet database
workshop. The last WEHSFF 2005 conference was held in
Beijing, China, in October 2005.

The following one, WEHSFF 2007, will be held
in Moscow, Russia on November 19-22, 2007. The conference
will take place in the very heart of Moscow a few steps
from the Kremlin in the famous Metropol Hotel*****.

- Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute
n.a. prof. N.E. Zhukovsky (TsAGI)
- Institute for Mathematical Modelling (IMM) RAS

Supported by:
- Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)
- European Community on Computational Methods
in Applied Sciences (ECCOMAS)
- European Conference for Aerospace Sciences (EUCASS)

- Federal Agency on Industry (Rosprom)
- Ministry of Education and Science (Minobrnauki)
- Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)
- Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFFI )
- Sukhoi Company
- International Science and Technology Center (ISTC)

Executive Co-chairmen:
Kozlov, V. - Vice President, RAS, Russia
Kargopoltsev, V. - Director, TsAGI, Russia
Chetverushkin, B. - Director, IMM RAS, Russia

Advisory Committee:
Alyoshin, B. - Head of Rosprom, Russia
Dmitriev, V. - Chairman of Military-Industrial
Commission, Russia
Pogosyan, M. - General Director, Sukhoi Company,
Skibin, V. - General Director, CIAM, Russia
Belotserkovsky, O. - ICAD RAS, Russia
Chernyi, G. - RAS, Russia
Fomin, V. - ITAM RAS, Russia
Fortov, V. - SAHT RAS, Russia
Anfimov, N. - Director, TsNIIMash, Russia
Ryzhov, Yu. - RAS, Russia
Zabrodin, A. - KIAM RAS, Russia
Bugeda, G. - CIMNE, Spain
Fitzgibbon, W. - Univ. of Houston, USA
Glowinski, R. - Univ. of Houston, USA
Hirsch, Ch. - VUB, Belgium
Hirschel, E.H. - Univ. of Stuttgart, Germany
Jameson, A. - Stanford Univ., USA
Knoerzer, D. - EU, Belgium
Mehta, U. - NASA Ames, USA
Muylaert, J. - ESA/ESTEC, The Netherlands
Onate, E. - Univ. of Catalunya, Spain
Oskam, B. - NLR, The Netherlands
Pandolfi, M. - Univ. Poli. Turino, Italy
Papailiou, K. - NTUA, Greece
Perrier, P. - Academie des Technologies, France
Pironneau, O. - Univ. PM Curie and Acad. des Sci., Fr.
Stoufflet, B. - Dassault Aviation, France
Szodruch, J. - DLR, Germany
Toda, K. - NAL, Japan
Vassberg, J. - Boeing, USA
Vetrella, S. - CIRA, Italy
Wei Jinzhong - AVIC1, China
Weiland, C. - ASTRIUM, Germany
Zhang Xinguo - AVIC1, China
Zhou Jun - AVIC1, China

Organizing Committee:

Chernyshev, S. - TsAGI, Russia
Kozybskaya, T. - IMM RAS, Russia
Babayan, E. - ASBC, Russia
Shutkin, Yu. - TsAGI, Russia
International Umbrella:
Deshpande, M. - JNCASR, India
Gnoffo, P. - NASA Langley, USA
Kroll, N. - DLR Braunschweig, Germany
Marini, M. - CIRA, Italy
Nielsen, E. - NASA Langley, USA
Periaux, J. - Univ. of Juvaskyla, UPC, France
Satofuka, N. - Univ. of Shiga Prefecture, Japan
Srinivas, K. - Univ. of Sydney, Australia
Sun Jian - AVIC1, China
Taran, J.-P. - ONERA, France
Zeitoun, D. - Univ. de Provence, France
Scientific Committee:
Chevagin, A. - TsAGI, Russia
Egorov, I. - TsAGI, Russia
Elizarova, T. - IMM RAS, Russia
Isaev, S. - Saint-Petersburg SU of Civil Aviation, RU
Ivanov, M. - ITAM RAS, Russia
Kharitonov, A. - ITAM RAS, Russia
Kobelkov, G. - MSU, Russia
Kopiev, V. - TsAGI, Russia
Lipatov, I. - TsAGI, Russia
Lutovinov, V. - TsAGI, Russia
Lutsky, A. - KIAM RAS, Russia
Maslov, A. - ITAM RAS, Russia
Neiland, V. - TsAGI, Russia
Nozhnitsky, Yu. - CIAM, Russia
Strelets, M. - SPbSTU, Russia
Surzhikov, S. - Inst. for Problems in Mechanics RAS, RU
Tishkin, V. - IMM RAS, Russia
Zapryagaev, V. - ITAM RAS, Russia
Abbas, A. - Airbus, France
Aso, S. - Univ. of Kyushu, Japan
Bai Wen - ACTRI/AVIC1, China
Ben-Dor, G. - Univ. of Neguev, Israel
Bonnet, J.P. - Univ. of Poitiers, France
Borelli, S. - CIRA, Italy
Candler, G. - Univ. of Minnesota, USA
Chaput, E. - Airbus, France
Courty, J.-C. - Dassault Aviation, France
Deconinck, H. - VKI, Belgium
Degrez, G. - ULB, Belgium
Dervieux, A. - INRIA, France
Desideri, J.A. - INRIA, France
Deville, M. - EPFL, Switzerland
Haase, W. - EADS-M, Germany
Hannemann, K. - DLR, Germany
Jimenez, A.J. - Univ. of Madrid, Spain
Knight, D. - Rutgers Univ., USA
Kompenhans, J. - German Aerospace Center, Germany
Lacor, C. - VUB, Belgium
Li Zhoufu - CARIA/AVIC1, China
Mallet, M. - Dassault Aviation, France
Maraffa, L. - ESA, France
Meurant, G. - CEA, France
Ming Xiao - NUAA, China
Monti, R. - UNA, Italy
Morinishi, K. - KIT, Japan
Pirozoli, S. - Sapienza-University of Rome, Italy
Richards, B.E. - Univ. of Glascow, U.K.
Schwamborn, D. - DLR, Germany
Yamamoto, S. - NAL, Japan

The conference topics are the following:
- Experiments in high speed flows
- Real and chemically reacting gases
- Wind tunnel nozzles
- Validation in high speed flows
- Turbulent and transient flows
- Fluid-structure interaction
- Heat transfer, aerothermal flows
- Shocks, shock-shock interactions
- Boundary layers, shock-boundary layer interactions
- Propulsion physics. Airbreathing propulsion
- Rotor and blade aerodynamics
- Aeroacoustics
- Computational fluid dynamics
- High performance parallel computing
- System design and manned/unmanned vehicle concepts
- Multidisciplinary optimization
- Nanotechnology in aerospace research

- Aeroacoustics. From physics to numerics and back
- Nanotechnology in aerospace research

Important Dates 

Abstract submission

May 31, 2007

Acceptance notification

June 15, 2007

Paper submission

September 15, 2007

Abstract and paper submission procedurePlease find detailed information about abstract and papersubmission on the following internet address: http://wehsff.imamod.ru. Only PowerPoint presentations are accepted.

Registration fee:

Foreign participants

360 Euro (before 30/06/07)
410 Euro (after 30/06/07)

Russian participants

160 Euro (before 30/06/07)
190 Euro (after 30/06/07)


160 Euro (before 30/06/07)
190 Euro (after 30/06/07)

Fee includes the Book of Proceedings, costs of coffee
break, lunches and conference reception.

All participants (including those without presentations) are
required to complete the Registration Form located on the
conference web-site: http://wehsff.imamod.ru.

Accommodation, visa support and payment:
Detailed information about accommodation, visa suport
and payment procedure is located on the conference web-site:

If you have further questions related to accommodation,
visa suport or payment procedure you may contact:

Ms. Katerina Ukhanova
e-mail: k.ukhanova@andk.ru,
tel.: +7 (495) 938 0521; 938 1861/51.

Welcome to the Conference!

For further information, please, contact the Secretariat:

TsAGI contact persons:

Mr. Sergey Korolev
Ms. Anna Zakharova
Tel.: +7 (495) 556 41 01
Fax: +7 (495) 777 63 32

IMM RAS contact person:

Ms. Irina Borovskaya
E-mail: wehsff@imamod.ru