Large-Eddy Simulation for Advanced Design of Combustion Systems: Methods, Tools and Applications

Rouen (CORIA), France.
May 24th - 25th, 2007.


The ERCOFTAC SIG28, the EC COST Action P20 "Large Eddy Simulation: Advance industrial design", and the GST Turbulence & Combustion of the "Association Française de Mécanique" intend to organize a Workshop on the Large Eddy Simulation for Advanced Design of Combustion Systems. This workshop will report on recent findings in LES of combustion and related topics and will be held at CORIA in Rouen, France May 24-25, 2007.

The workshop website will be:

Computational fluid dynamics has become a key ingredient in the design of modern combustion systems. With recent progress in computer science and turbulence simulation, a non-negligible part of the improvement procedure of industrial combustion devices is now carried out in the light of numerical modeling. To meet the rapidly growing demand for accurate unsteady simulations of such complex systems, appropriate numerical and modeling methods must be combined with specific high-fidelity CFD tools that can be applied to real geometries preserving accuracy and prediction capabilities.

The major objective of this workshop is to offer to participants the possibility to discuss and exchange ideas on recent findings in Large Eddy Simulation (LES) and related subjects. The following points will be addressed:

-    Sub-grid Scale Turbulence Modeling.
-    Sub-grid Scale Combustion Modeling.
-    Numerics for LES.
-    CFD Tools for LES.
-    Quality assessment of LES and Comparison with Experiments.
-    Applications of LES for advanced Combustion Design and challenges.

The discussion will be triggered by lectures given by invited speakers. Participants will also have the opportunity to present their work in contributed paper sessions. In addition to poster viewing, specific short oral presentations will be organized. The list of invited speakers includes K. Boulouchos (ETH), A. Dreizler (TU Darmstadt), B. Geurts (U. Twente), A. Kempf (Imperial College, R. Koch (Karlsruhe), M. Lesieur (Grenoble), U. Maas (Karlsruhe), E. Mastorakos  (Cambridge), V. Moureau (Stanford), F. Nicoud (Montpellier II), T. Poinsot (CNRS & CERFACS), O. Simonin (CNRS, Toulouse).