ERCOFTAC Oil & Gas : Modelling & Simulation

Best Practices & Technology Trends

Frazer Nash Consulting, Dorking, UK

15 - 16 March 2017


Dr. Christian Wood, Frazer-Nash Consultancy, Dorking, UK

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The seminar aims are to capture latest modelling and simulation practices and issues surrounding upstream-downstream technologies, where network digitization is becoming a clear driver to scope operational excellence, in an environment where oil prices appear to have stabilised at a level, that allows both produces and solution providers, a viable business space. As part of the Upstream-Downstream space, we aim to furnish the multi- phase challenge across the U-D space, and asses few talks on downstream technologies, as part of improving efficiency,reducing downtime, where CFD-FEM / FSI, and as supported by design optimization,  and ancillaries are clear contributors to success.

Now, as the seminar is in the UK, where, recently, the government believe that shale gas has a greater role to play in its energy security mix, thus, we aim also to speak about unconventional gas (shale gas), and in particular, its modelling . Also, we wish to have a key discussion on the setting-up of sector dedicated test cases. This will require assessment, identification, set-up and delivery, hence,  those in attendance on the day, would participate and integrate their know-how to best deliver such cases, once identified and deemed of serious use to our community.  Last but not least, a brief on Bulletin 2017 delivery.




There are many fine hotels/B&B near Dorking railway stations. Alternatively, one can stay near Victoria, and Waterloo railway stations, and then take the train on the day into Dorking.

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Seminar Fees:

Members: €275, Non-Members €430

Registration before 17 Feb 2017

Members: €253, Non-members €390

Please note, fees cover refreshments, lunches and seminar presentations.

Fees do not cover accommodation