2009 da Vinci Competition

Five candidates were invited to present their research for the 2009 da Vinci award at ERCOFTAC's Autumn Festival, EPFL, Lausanne:

B. Böhm Experiments for the validation of Large Eddy SImulations: Turbulence-flame interactions in extinguishing turbulent opposed jet flames

A. Ferrari Lagrangian simulations of large scale non-hydrostatic surface flows with SPH

S Grundmann Transition control using dielectric-barrier discharge actuators

F. Schwertfirm Direct simulation and modelling of micro-mixing in high Schmidt number flows

J. A. S. Witteveen Efficient and robust uncertainty quantification for computational fluid dynamics and fluid-structure interaction

Winner of the 2009 da Vinci award 

Florian Schwertfirm, Technical University of Munich, for his paper on:

'Direct Simulation and Modelling of Micromixing in high Schmidt number flows'

Instantaneous scalar field, Sc = 3 (top), Sc = 49 (bottom)

A full report of the 2009 da Vinci competition, including all papers, is in ERCOFTAC Bulletin 81.