2006 da Vinci Competition

Five candidates were invited to present their research for the 2006 da Vinci award at ERCOFTAC's Autumn Festival, National Technical University of Athens, on 26th October '06:  

Juan C. del Alamo The large-scale organisation of turbulent channels 

Katerina Argyriardi Liquid film flow: effects of disturbance characteristics and wall morphology

Phillip Schlatter Large-eddy simulation of transition and turbulence in wall-bounded shear flow

Dionyssios Kolaitis Development of computational tools for multiphase, multi-component, reactive flows - application to “cool flames”

Thomas U. Werder Multiscale simulation of Carbon nanotubes in aqueous environments


Winner of the 2006 da Vinci award 

Juan C. del Alamo, UPM, Madrid, for his paper on:

The large-scale organisation of turbulent channels

Three-dimensional plot of the average velocity field conditioned to the vortex clusters, in a reference frame fixed to their centers


The 2006 da Vinci competition attracted a total of 24 en­tries, pre-selected by seven ERCOFTAC Pilot Centres across Europe. The five finalists were chosen by a jury of six judges - four academics and two industrial practitioners. The final round consisted of 30-minutes oral presentations to the jury and an audience numbering about 35.

Pleasingly, there was full unanimity about the outstan­ding quality of all five presentations. While the selection of the winner was subject to much discussion, the decision to award the 2006 Leonardo da Vinci Prize to Dr. Juan del Alamo for his paper "The Large-Scale Organisation of Turbulent Channels" was unanimous and reflected the jury's collective view that his research was both themati­cally well aligned with ERCOFTAC and of outstanding international standard.

The jury and the Scientific Programme Committee are grateful to all members of the Greek Pilot Centre, espe­cially to Profs. K. Papailiou and N. Vlachos, for their effi­cient and generous hosting of the event.

A full report of the 2006 da Vinci competition, including all papers, is in ERCOFTAC Bulletin 71.