Special Theme: Plasma Aerodynamics

The recent issue (volume 94, March 2013) of  ERCOFTAC Bulletin contains a special theme section on plasma aerodynamics. For those who are interested in purchasing a copy should contact: magdalena.jakubczak@ercoftac.org.


Table of Contents

SpecialTheme: Plasma Aerodynamics: K.-S. Choi

PLASMAEROEuropean Project: D. Caruana, C.Tropea, C. Hollenstein, J-P. Boeuf,E. Moreau, F. Rogier and M. Forte

SurfaceDielectric Barrier DischargePlasma Actuators: E. Moreau, A. Debien,N.Benard, T. Jukes, R. Whalley, K.-S. Choi, A. Berendt, J. Podlinski andJ.Mizeraczyk


NanosecondPulsed Plasma Actuators: N. Benard, E. Moreau,N. Zouzou, H. Rabat, J. Pons,D. Hong, A. Leroy-Chesneau, P. Peschke and C.Hollenstein

ThePlasma Synthetic Jet Actuator forSeparation Control: D. Caruana,J.P.Cambronne, P. Barricau and A. Belinger

NumericalModeling of Plasma Actuators: K. Kourtzanidis, F.Rogier, G. Dufour, J.P.Boeuf and T. Unfer

Couplingof CFD with advanced plasmamodels: J.C. Kok, P.Catalano, K.Kourtzanidis, F. Rogier and T. Unfer

Trailing-EdgeSeparation Control of ANACA 0015 Airfoil Using Dielectric-Barrier-DischargePlasma Actuators: R. D. Whalley, A.Debien, J. Podlinski, T. N. Jukes, K.-S.Choi, N. Benard, E. Moreau, A.Berendt, J. Mizeraczyk

Mid-ChordSeparation Control using PSJand DBD Plasma Actuators: M.Forte, A. Debien,D. Caruana, N. Benard, P. Barricau, C. Gleyzes and E. Moreau

FullySeparated Flow Control using DBDPlasma Actuators located at the Leading Edge ofan Airfoil: A. Leroy, P. Audier,D. Hong,J. Podlinski, A. Berendt, and J.Mizeraczyk

Wing TipVortex Control by PlasmaActuators: P. Molton,A.Leroy-Chesneau, J. Pons, Y. Carpels, P. Barricau, C. Gleyze, M. Forte andD.Caruana

BoundaryLayer Transition Control withsteady and unsteady DBD Plasma Actuation: M. Forte,A.Seraudie, O. Vermeersch, A. Kurz, S. Grundmann, C. Tropea, J. Pons and A.Leroy

Attenuationof Noise from an Airfoil equippedwith a High-Lift Device using Plasma Actuators: P. Chen, X. Zhang,S.Chappell, Z. Cai and D. Angland

HighVoltage Pulsed DBD Effects on theAerodynamic Performances and on the ShockBuffet: A. Marino, P.Peschke, F. De Gregorio, P. Leyland, P. Ott, C.Hollenstein and R. S. Donelli

UnmannedAerial Vehicle for PlasmaFlow Control: W. Friedrichs, S.Grundmann, C. Tropea