Summer School and Workshop Prague-Sum 2023 ”Stochastics in Fluids” took place from 21st to 25th August 2023 in Prague, Czech Republic.

This summer school was organized by Tomas Bodnar from the Czech Technical University in Prague, Sarka Necasova from the Institute of Mathematics of the Czech Academy of Sciences and Giovanni Paolo Galdi from the University of Pittsburgh, USA. It was already seventh in the Prague-Sum series of summer schools started in 2011. This series of summer schools is now well established and attracts regularly young as well as advanced researches due to choice of interested topics, high quality of speakers and their lectures.

Both the Summer School and Workshop have attracted number of participants from different countries around the world. We had about 70 participants in total, where only 5 were registered just for the workshop. This number includes about 35 students and young scientists from different countries, including e.g. South Korea, India, USA, China, France, Germany, Portugal or Italy. The high scientific level of the meeting has also attracted many experienced scientists working in this research area.

We have received number of very positive feedback messages from our participants acknowledging high level of all lectures, as well as the friendly atmosphere of the event that has greatly contributed to very interesting discussions between students and lecturers during the whole week. The online part of the meeting forced us to record all lectures and collect all presentations in electronic form. Most of this material will be added to our public archive. We are considering to publish an advanced monograph based on the course lectures. Another book is prepared collecting the selected contributions from the workshop. It’s our intention to continue in this series of very successful summer schools named Prague-Sum in the future. If everything will run smoothly, the next in the series will be a summer school in 2025.

F​ull report from the event will be published in ERCOFTAC Bulletin and further information can be found on a special web page: