The first ERCOFTAC Workshop on Machine Learning for Fluid Dynamics at the Sorbonne University in Paris was a great success!
The event took place on the 6th - 7th March 2024.


“ML4FUID workshop is a magnificent festival which gathers plenty of experts to share ideas and experience on how to implement machine learning in
fluid dynamics. Through this workshop I gained more insights in various ML approaches and expanded my understanding to fluid mechanics
via listening to different topics and exchanging ideas with talented specialists!”
Haoyan Li, PhD Candidat, École polytechnique de Bruxelles, Belgium

“I found the workshop incredibly insightful and engaging. The quality of the talks was very high and the event’s structure was well done.
I would definitely recommend this workshop to my colleagues without hesitation”
Ludovico Nista, Research Assistant, RWTH Aachen University, Germany

“Having to choose between only 2 presentations happening at the same time gave me the chance to attend all of the presentations I was interested in.
The cocktail evening on campus was a really great chance to talk to all my colleagues doing similar research
or working with companies that are interested in it”
Martina Formichetti, University of Southampton, UK