Chairman’s Address, March 2022

Dear colleagues and members:

ERCOFTAC is shocked by the brutal war of aggression unleashed by Russia’s president Putin against Ukraine. We are deeply concerned for the safety of millions of people under constant attack and the continuous escalation to new horrific levels by the Russian military. There is no acceptable reason for any of this!

As a research community we strongly believe in dialogue and building a better world together. The actions of Russia taken in the Ukraine are in stark contrast to these beliefs. As a matter of fact, Russia’s stance directly attacks our core values and puts the world at risk. Therefore, ERCOFTAC joins the world at large and its scientific communities, including Russia’s own, in condemning this war and asking for all hostilities to end immediately – NOW!

The Russian government may count on the world to speak up in protest, but in the end to remain passive and to forget over time. This is why ERCOFTAC contributes, however small, to the clear message of the United Nations, the European Union and many other international organizations and communities in the world that Russia’s actions in the Ukraine are unacceptable and will not pay off!

The Executive Committee decided that ERCOFTAC stops supporting and participating in any activities with Russian institutions effective immediately and until further notice. We also ask our members to do the same. As ERCOFTAC is a member of ECCOMAS, we will also demand to revert the decision to hold the 2024 ECCOMAS Congress in St. Petersburg, Russia. The EC is confident that these actions will have your support.

Opposing aggression is one thing, on the other hand, helping the people and colleagues in need is another. I know that many of us are already active in various ways, but I want to encourage you to join or increase such efforts whether through the United Nations, the EU, your own country, your university or any other connection you may have. If you do have an idea how ERCOFTAC as an organization can help further, please reach out to me, the EC or our office at

Prof. Dominic von Terzi
Chairman of ERCOFTAC