13th ERCOFTAC da Vinci Competition - Results Update!

18th October 2018

Warsaw, University of Technology, Poland 

The 13th EROFTAC da Viinci Competition was won by:

Dr Markus Schremb from Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany for his work "Hydrodynamics and Thermodynamics of Ice Accretion through Impact Supercooled Large  Droplets: Experiments, Simulations and Theory"

A short abstract from Markus's presentation is available below.


Other finalists were: (left to right)

Xiaojue Zhu from Universiteit Twente, The Netherlands who is now working at Harvard University, USA

Alejandro Alvarez Laguna from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium who is currently working at École Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France.

Mark L. McAllister from the University of Oxford, UK

Lorenzo Siconolfi from Università di Pisa, Italy, who is currently working in École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland

The ERCOFTAC da Vinci Prize for young researchers is awarded annually in recognition of an excellent PhD thesis in theoretical and applied fluid dynamics and outstanding scientific contributions with engineering relevance. The winner of the 13th da Vinci Competition will be chosen from five finalists during the ERCOFTAC Autumn Festival in Warsaw on 18 October 2018. 

Candidates may be PhD students or recent PhD graduates who have submitted their PhD thesis after 1 January 2017. 

The winner will be awarded the 2018 da Vinci Medal, a certificate and a cash prize of 1000 Euro. The other four finalists will receive certificates and medals.

Each ERCOFTAC Pilot Centre (PC) may nominate up to 3 candidates for the da Vinci Competition. The selected candidates will be required to submit a 3-page summary of their research methods and achievements.The research summaries will be evaluated international experts selected by the Scientific Program Committee (SPC). This da Vinci Jury will decide on a shortlist of 5 finalists that will present their work at the Autumn Festival in Warsaw, where the final winner will be chosen. Please note that due care should be given to the 3-page summary of the work as this is all the information the Jury will have available for its decision regarding the shortlist. It is essential that the candidates write the summary independently. 

The 3-page summary has to be prepared by the candidate as the only author and should include: 
  • Title of the work 
  • Name, address and affiliation, email address, telephone number 
  • Name and affiliation of supervisor(s) 
  • Popularized summary of the work, explaining the main problem and the main result in a language that is understandable to the general public (max ½ page) 
  • Scientific summary of objectives, research methodology, main results and achievements, and if possible a graphical representation. Particular emphasis should be given to novelty and originality of the methods and findings and their applicability in engineering. 
  • List of up to 5 selected publications and an indication of the total output volume.
Travel and subsistence expenses incurred by the finalists will be reimbursed by ERCOFTAC. Prior to participation, the selected candidates are expected to present travel and accommodation plans to the SPC Chairman for approval. 


5 September 2018     PC coordinators have submitted three selected summaries as pdf files to the SPC Chairman Stefan Hickel: S.Hickel@tudelft.nl 
                                   This is the final deadline, the evaluation by the Jury will start immediately. 

26 September 2018   Decision of da Vinci Jury 

27 September 2018   Selected finalists will be informed and given instructions on their presentations and travel arrangements 

18 October 2018        Finals of the 13th da Vinci Competition – Warsaw, Poland