Chairperson's Address, April 2024

Dear Colleagues and Members,
This will be a very active year for the ERCOFTAC community with many workshops and events. A few I want to highlight. In March, we had our first workshop on Machine Learning in Fluid Dynamics (see below) in Paris. It was the first event of the new SIG54 dedicated to this topic and exceeded our expectations with more than 160 participants and a lot of positive feed-back. Looking forward to more to come! In April, DLES14 took place in Erlangen. This is one of our longest running series of workshops organized by SIG1 on Large Eddy Simulation and a good place to meet many leading researchers in this field. Young ERCOFTAC’s Montestigliano Spring School is always a gem. This year it focused on quantum computing and its application to fluid mechanics.

For upcoming events, an even longer streak than DLES are the workshops from SIG15 on Turbulence Modelling, with number 18 taking place in a few days in early May. Further upcoming are the ERCOFTAC Spring and Autumn Festivals in Madrid and London on May 16-17 and October 10-11, respectively, where we can debate and make decisions on the direction of ERCOFTAC, but also have the privilege to get an overview of recent research activities in the organizing pilot centers and a glimpse on the breadth of research in our community. Have a look at the long list of events in this newsletter, or on our website. What is your favorite event?

Finally, in our last autumn festival in Liège, we amended our by-laws but fell short of the mandatory (high) quota of members present. The amendments were, however, legally approved and confirmed by a notary and a special online General Assembly on January 23. Publication of these in the Belgian Gazette are on their way.

Prof. Dominic von Terzi,
Chairperson of ERCOFTAC