New publication alert from PC Netherlands - The JM Burgerscentrum (JMBC),
the Dutch research school for fluid mechanics, has just published
"Flow to the Future: Fluid Dynamics in the Netherlands"
- the first estimate of the size and impact of the fluid dynamics sector in the country.

The objective of this new report is to highlight the importance of fluid dynamics on Dutch society and the economy, now and in the future. The report includes 5 clear recommendations for taking fluid dynamics in the Netherlands to the next level.

Featuring introductions from @Eppo Bruins, Science and Innovation Lead, former member of Parliament, @Jos Benschop, Corporate Vice President Technology, ASML, and @Annemieke Nijhof, CEO, Deltares Netherlands. The PC Co-ordinator of the JM Burgerscentrum is @Prof. Ruud Henkes.

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