PC Henri Benard Workshop "Turbulence and Interface" - Report

The ocean surface and climate change, the spraying of pathogen-bearing droplets and transmission of respiratory diseases, the stratocumulus clouds and weather forecasts, the spray formation and its dispersion in fuel engines - all these examples, as well as many other industrial flows with droplets and bubbles, include a key process - turbulence in the presence of interface between immiscible fluids.

By bringing together researchers, our motivation during the Workshop “Turbulence & Interface” was to open discussions on the physics behind this process. How the turbulent flow structures induce two phase interactions, and what may be the signature of the interface properties on those flow structures – this question raised often during these discussions. The program has started with “aperitifs” – the appealing discussions on physics of airborne disease transmission, on multiscale physics of ocean atmosphere turbulence, and on extreme events in the Navier-Stokes turbulence.

We focused further on the link between the turbulence and the spray onset. Two others wide-ranging subjects concerned “the interface dynamics and external intermittency” and “two-way interactions between the particle dynamics and turbulence”.

The overall program of this Workshop included 31 talks (12 talks on the first day, 11 talks on the second day, 8 talks on the third day) with attendees and scientific collaborations from 10 countries: Argentina, Austria, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, USA. The Workshop was also open for free attendance to students and junior international researchers.


Abstract from the event are published in special issue ofERCOFTAC Bulletin 130.



Date: 15th - 17th June 2022
H​osted by: PC Henri Benard
L​ocation: Ecole Centrale in Lyon, France

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