Young ERCOFTAC Montestigliano Spring School for Graduate Students 2023 took place on the 15th - 22nd April 2023.

This year topic was "Cardiovascular Fluid Mechanics" with the guest speaker Prof. Dominik Obrist from the University of Bern, Switzerland.









“Since I will start my PhD in “Cardiovascular flows” this year, this workshop was the perfect opportunity to gain experience in this field. In Prof. Obrist's lectures I particularly liked the connection between fluid dynamics and particular flow phenomena with the associated biological and medical effects.

As I have more of a technical background, I learned a lot about the biological mechanisms and processes relevant in cardiovascular flows. This helped a lot, to get a global point of view of the cardiovascular system and understand the broad range of (fluid mechanical) challenges in modelling cardiovascular flows.

In some parts of the lectures, however, I would have liked to go into more detail about the actual fluid dynamic modeling and methodology to approach different cardiovascular problems. The projects that followed were therefore very beneficial to deal with a specific topic in detail.

In addition to the lectures and projects, it was also a great opportunity for me to make new connections and exchange ideas with the organizers and participants about current research and experiences. For me this was one of the biggest profits as I could learn a lot in these discussions and answer open questions from the lectures.”
- Patrick Keuchel