ERCOFTAC Symposium "Multiphysics Critical Flow Dynamics Involving Moving/ Deformable Structures with Design Applications”
took place on the 7th - 8th - 9th June 2023 at the Engineering School ENSEEIHT, Toulouse, France,

Co-chaired by:

  • Marianna Braza, Institut de Mécanique des Fluides de Toulouse - France
  • Ian Eames, University College London, UK
  • Yannick Hoarau, ICUBE - University of Strasbourg - France
  • Jean-François Rouchon, ENSEEIHT - Toulouse - France


This international Symposium was run under the auspices of ERCOFTAC, in the context of the activities of its Special Interest Group SIG41 ERCOFTAC’s SIG 41 “Fluid-Structure Interaction”. The purpose of this in-person meeting has been to discuss major science challenges associated with turbulent flow interfaces with deformable structures – from the theoretical, experimental and numerical perspective – and their link to design.

This Symposium aimed at regrouping the multidisciplinary knowledge coming from the two overlapping scientific communities of Fluids and Structures. The symposium hosted 53 oral presentations, and in keeping with the inclusive nature of ERCOFTAC, the speakers ranged from research students, earlier-career researchers and established academicians. Twelve international keynote speakers, (please see list in: ), drawn from research institutes, universities and industry, provided a unique insight into some of the new and future research areas.

A special issue in the Journal of Fluids & Structures from selected and extended articles of the Symposium, peer-reviewed by the JFS is scheduled.


"Family picture"in front of the amphitheater B00 - ENSEEIHT

In front of the IMFT S1 wind tunnel


Gala dinner photo