This year we celebrate 30 Years of ERCOFTAC

In 1985 a group of leading European Fluid Mechanics experts started to discuss steps for initiating strong interaction and cooperation between Research and Industry in Europe. Initially their idea was to create a European Research and SuperComputer Centre, but they found that this was not realizable due to lack of funding.  

So they turned to the idea of a cooperative network using existing resources based on Pilot Centres in various countries – this idea was pursued and led in 1988 to the formal foundation of ERCOFTAC as an Association according to Belgian Law. 

The founding meeting took place on 3rd June 1988, in Paris with 18 founding members present.  

The first Officers were:

 • Chairman: Charles Hirsch (1988–1994), Phil Hutchinson (1994–2000)
• Secretary: Julian Hunt (1988–1991)
• SPC Chairman: Brian Spalding (1988–1991), Julian Hunt (1991–1994), Wolfgang Rodi (1994–2000).
Initial Structure and Administration:

  • Members are Research Institutions and Industry Companies represented in the General Assembly 
  • Managing Board running/steering the Association
  • Pilot Centres – local cores of activity in FTAC, interacting with other PC’s
  • Coordination Centre at EPFL Lausanne coordinating this interaction, planning of meetings, publication of the Bulletin 
  • Seat and Administrative Office: VUB Brussels, administering membership and finances 
  • Scientific Programme Committee (SPC)

  • Starting in October 1988, ERCOFTAC Bulletin is published 4 times per year.