ERCOFTAC Osborne Reynolds Day 2020: Outcome of the competition

Due to COVID-19, the Osborne Reynolds Day 2020 was replaced by Osborne Reynolds Competition 2020 without any oral presentations. Three finalists were selected from 17 submitted abstracts and they were not ranked, by the OR selection committee chaired by Professor Michael Leschziner.

These three abstracts were submitted as UK finalists to the ERCOFTAC 'da Vinci Competition 2020. These finalists, in no particular ranking, are:

  • P. M. de Oliveira, "Ignition and propagation mechanisms of spray flames", Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge.
  • Garazi Gomez-de-Segura, "Turbulent drag reduction by anisotropic permeable substrates", Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge.
  • Markus Zauner, "Direct numerical simulation and stability analysis of transonic flow around airfoils at moderate Reynolds numbers", Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics Group, University of Southampton.

Sincere congratulations on behalf of the ORD2020 organising committee and we wish everyone a prosperous future and career. They are welcome to join us next year in person to present their research. We also acknowledge the efforts of all those contributing abstracts and our best wishes go to them.

The committee acknowledges with deep thanks and appreciation the huge effort and commitment of Professor Michael Leschziner (outgoing chair of the panel for selecting the ORD finalists) in developing the format and operational arrangements of Osborne Reynolds Day over the years. The committee is very much aware of the gap his departure will leave: he will be a difficult act to follow! We also welcome the new Chair of the Selection Panel, Professor Matthew Juniper, and we look forward to working with him.