ERCOFTAC Autumn Festival 2023 - second day, 13th October 2023, Committee Meetings took place:

- during the SPC meeting chaired by Prof Maria Vittoria Salvetti activities and events of PCs and SIGs were presented by the coordinators. Also ERCOFTAC PC, SIG and Events funding for 2024 was discussed and agreed (see Events).

-​ during the KNC meeting, chaired by Dr David Standingford, marketing strategy was reviewed, appearance on social media was discussed and information about KB Wiki development was provided.

-​ during the MB meeting amendments to ERCOFTAC By-laws were presented and discussed, new ERCOFTAC officers were elected and ERCOFTAC finances were reviewed and agreed.

-​ during the GA meeting all proposals recommended SPC, KNC and MB were approved.

F​rom left: Dr D. Standingford, Prof. K. Hillewaert, Prof D. von Terzi


ERCOFTAC Past and Present SPC Chairs
F​rom left: Prof W. Rodi, Prof B. Geurts, Prof S. Hickel, and
Prof M. V. Salvetti
ERCOFTAC Members, SIG and PC Coordinators