Wind Energy and the impact of turbulence on the conversion process

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EUROMECH Colloquium 528#Oldenburg, Germany, 22nd-24nd February, 2012

Wind energy research is an emerging research topic driven by the actual energy discussion in our society. For the next decades it is one of the most promising renewable energies with a fast growing industry, which is actually installing close to 40 GW rated power of new wind energy convertors per year. This growing market necessitates research to further advance this field. This needed research is interdisciplinary, nevertheless the basic driving resource is the wind (aerodynamics).  One of the big challenges for wind energy is to reach better understanding of turbulence and the impact of turbulence on the wind energy conversion process. This challenge also increases with increasing size of the turbines.

With this Colloquium we aim to bring together researchers from different communities, who all can contribute important expertise to the field of wind energy. With this conference we hope to succeed to bring new knowledge together and discussed new applications for wind energy. We propose to publish the contribution in a book after the conference.