• CINNELLA Paola
    Sorbonne University
    4 Place Jussieu Tour 55-65, Bureau 516, 75005 Paris, France.
    Phone +33 6 30 68 66 35;
  • Pilot Center France Henri Bénard

Deputy Coordinator

  • LEHMKUHL Oriol
    Barcelona Supercomputing Center,
    Plaça d'Eusebi Güell,
    1-3, 08034 Barcelona, Espagne;
  • Pilot Center IBERIA

Steering Committee

Organisations participating in the SIG


Sorbonne University, Institut Jean Le Rond d’Alembert (Paola Cinnella, Taraneh Sayadi, Anca Belme, Jean-Camille Chassaing)
  • Data-driven turbulence models, Reduced-order modeling, Control, Surrogate modeling, Uncertainty quantification
TU Delft (Richard Dwight, Stefan Hickel, Anh-Khoa Doan)
  • Data-driven turbulence models, Uncertainty quantification,
Cadence (Dirk Wunsch, Charles Hirsch, Lionel Temmerman)
  • Machine learning for CFD
ONERA (Pedro Volpiani, Denis Sipp, Vincent Mons)
  • Data-driven turbulence models, Reduced-Order models, Data assimilation
ENSAM Lille (Marcello Meldi, Francesco Romano)
  • Data assimilation, data-driven models
ENSAM Paris (Xavier Merle, Jean-Christophe Loiseau)
  • Data-driven models, Reduced-order models, Machine learning for flow control
Virginia Tech (Heng Xiao)
  • Data-driven turbulence models
Safran Tech (Grégory Dergham)
  • Data-driven turbulence models, uncertainty quantification
Baker Hugues (Vittorio Michelassi)
  • Data-driven turbulence models
KTH (Ricardo Vinuesa, Philipp Schlatter, Shervin Bagheri)
  • Data-driven models, reduced-order models, machine learning for control, optimization,…
University of Pisa (Maria Vittoria Salvetti)
  • Data assimilation, Machine Learning for Flow control, …
University of Stuttgart (Andrea Beck, Heng Xiao)
  • Data driven models for LES
Imperial College (Luca Magri)
  • Reduced-order models, Machine learning for Flow optimization and control
Institute PPRIME-CNRS (Laurent Cordier)
  • Development of wall shear stress models using machine learning
Université de Liège (Koen Hillewaert)
  • Development of wall shear stress models using machine learning
University om Manchester (Alex Skillen)

Ecole Centrale de Lyon (Alexis Giauque, Christophe Corre)

  • Development of data-driven SGS models for LES

Zenotech (David Standingford)

  • GPU-computing, CFD on-demand

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