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The 1st ERCOFTAC Workshop "Machine Learning for Fluid Dynamics" will take place on March 6th-8th 2024 in Paris, Sorbonne University (Jussieu Campus).

20.10.2023: the Website is now online!




  • The Mini-symposium "Machine Learning for Turbulence", organized in the frame of ETMM14 conference Barcelona, 6-8 September 2023: has gathered more than 20 contributions (four full sessions). The proceedings will be available soon.

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Machine Learning for Fluid Dynamics

W​orkshop on 6th - 8th March 2024 Sorbonne University, Paris, France This two and half day long workshop will be the first edition of a “Machine Learning for Fluid Dynamics” workshop in relation with the SIG54 activities. L​ocation: Pierre and Marie Curie (Jussieu) Campus of

6 Mar 2024

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Machine Learning for Fluid Dynamics - Workshop Overview

The first ERCOFTAC Workshop on Machine Learning for Fluid Dynamics at the Sorbonne University in Paris was a great success! The event took place on the 6th - 7th March 2024. “ML4FUID workshop is a magnificent festival which gathers plenty of experts to share ideas and experience on how to

21 Mar 2024

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