Name:  Prof. Jacek Szumbarski
Institution: Warsaw University of Technology, Poland


Name:  Dr. Slawomir Kubacki
Institution: Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

ERCOFTAC Representatives

Managing Board: Prof. Piotr Doerffer 
Scientific Programme Committee: Prof. Jacek Szumbarski
Knowledge Network Committee: Prof. Piotr Doerffer

Research Members

Institution: Institute of Turbomachinery, Technical University of Lodz
Name: Dr. Krzysztof Sobczak

Institution: Institute of Thermal Machinery, Czestochowa University of Technology
Name: Prof. Stan Drobniak
Name: Prof. Witold Elsner
Name: Dr. Dariusz Asendrych
Name: Dr. Artur Tyliszczak
Name: Prof. Andrzej Boguslawski

Institution: Institute of Power Machinery, Silesian Technical University, Gliwice
Name: Prof. Tadeusz Chmielniak
Name: Dr. Wlodzimierz Wroblewski

Institution: Chair of Thermal Engineering, Technical University of Poznan
Name: Prof. Ewa Tuliszka-Sznitko

Institution: Division of Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics, Kielce University of Technology
Name: Dr. Robert Pastuszko
Name: Dr. Artur Bartosik

Institution: Institute of Aeronautics and Applied Mechanics, Warsaw University of Technology
Name: Prof. Jacek Szumbarski

Institution:   Department of Transonic Flows and Numerical Methods, Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery, Gdansk
Name: Prof. Piotr Doerffer
Name: Prof. Jacek Pozorski

Institution: Department of Theoretical Metallurgy and Metallurgical Engineering, University of Mining and Metallurgy, Cracow
Name: Prof. Janusz Szmyd
Name: Dr. Marek Jaszczur

Industrial Members


Related Events

Ercoftac Montestigliano Spring School 2019

07-13 April, 2019 Organizers: Shervin Bagheri, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden ( ) Peter Schmid, Imperial College, London, UK, ( Background The network of interactions among fluid elements and coherent structures gives rise to the

7 Apr 2019

XXIII Fluid Mechanics Conference 2018

XXIII Fluid Mechanics Conference 2018 Date: 09/09/2018 - 12/09/2018 Location: Zawiercie, Poland CN2018-02 Organiser: PC Poland  Coordinators:  ERCOFTAC Member:  September 09-12 2018 Zawiercie, Poland

9 Sep 2018

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