Knowledge Network Committee (KNC)

Members of the Knowledge Network Committee

  • Chairman: Dr Andrea Sciacchitano
  • Deputy Chairman: Dr Koen Hillewaert
  • 2​nd Deputy Chairman and & Social Media Coordinator:
  • Prof. Charles Hirsch
  • Prof. Wolfgang Rodi
  • Prof. Stefan Wallin


ERCOFTAC is an Association which confirms the considerable strength and breadth of Flow, Turbulence and Combustion research throughout Europe. This is justifiably held in high regard by the rest of the world. Indeed, many groups drawn from the USA, Canada and the former Soviet Bloc countries, amongst others, have sought and been granted associated status. By comparison, access and capitalisation by European Industries of this powerful body of expertise is not so well developed. The harnessing of this capability to the direct benefit of Industry, whilst preserving an environment for creative innovation are viewed as an important goals for ERCOFTAC.

In October 1995, ERCOFTAC established the Industrial Programme Committee (IPC), to serve the above objectives. However, 21st century FTAC demands, meant the idea of the IPC can no longer deliver that service. After careful consideration, and PC wide consultation, in April 2013, the Knowledge Network Committee was formed.

Whereas the SPC is primarily concerned with stimulating and co-ordinating research activity, the KNC is charged with implementing ERCOFTAC's strategy of enhancing engagement with industry by clarifying industrial needs and providing products & services to meet those needs by drawing on ERCOFTAC's strong scientific base. This Mission is pursued by working in close collaboration with the Scientific Programme Committee. By such means, ERCOFTAC will build further upon the considerable strengths already established, aiming to take these forward in a way which balances the tension between creative innovation and industrial need.