Executive Board (EB)

Members of the ERCOFTAC Council:

  • Chairman: Prof Dominic VON TERZI
  • First Deputy Chairman: Dr David STANDINGFORD
  • Second Deputy Chairman: Prof Charles HIRSCH
  • Treasurer: Prof Stefan HICKEL
  • Deputy Treasurer: Prof Ananias TOMBOULIDES
  • SPC Chair: Prof Maria Vittoria SALVETTI
  • SPC Deputy Chair: Prof Paola CINNELLA
  • KNC Chairman: Dr Andrea SCIACCHITANO
  • KNC Deputy Chairman: Dr Koen HILLEWAERT
  • 2​nd KNC Deputy Chairman & Social Media Coordinator:
  • Knowledge Base Editor: Prof Wolfgang RODI
  • Bulletin Editor: Prof Witold ELSNER 


Organisation and composition

The Managing Board in October 1996 accepted the recommendation of a small Strategy Advisory Group that an Executive Committee be formed to slim down the administration. Following the reporting of an Administrative Review Committee the Board determined the structure of this Committee at its meeting in October 1997. It should be noted that the membership of the Committee is not identical to that of the "Executive Committee" described in the ERCOFTAC By-Laws; the current Committee is created within the powers of the Managing Board and with the tacit approval of the General Assembly meeting of October 1997.

At the start of 1998 the Board moved to holding its meetings once a year, generally in autumn. The Executive Committee meets in spring in place of the former other Board meeting; it met for the first time on 5th May 1998 in Brussels. Either a Board or an Executive Committee meeting follows the meetings of the Scientific Programme Committee and the Knowledge Network Committee (KNC), and considers their recommendations as well as other matters.

I​n 2023 to comply with a change in Belgian law governing NGOs, the new ERCOFTAC By-laws was approved by ERCOFTAC General Assembly. The Executive Committee become Executive Board (EB) vested with all powers necessary for the administration and management, except for the powers granted to the General Assembly and the ERCOFTAC Council.