SPHERIC 2017 -12th International Workshop

The 12th International Workshop organized by the Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics European Research Interest Community will be the major event of 2017 in the SPH research field. It will be held in Ourense (Spain) from the 13th to 15th June 2017. It will be also preceded by a training day (12th June). The Workshop is organized by Universidade de Vigo (Spain) and Flanders Hydraulics Research (Belgium). The aim of this scientific workshop is to enable experienced researchers using SPH to share and contribute to the development and application of the SPH method, and enable PhD students to present their work in the early stage of their career.

The old town of Ourense is a labyrinth of beautiful streets and cobbled squares, where baroque and 19th century architecture coexist in restored traditional buildings. It houses a multitude of distinctive edifices, such as the Romanesque Cathedral, the Town Hall, the Oca-Valladares stately home, the Municipal and Archaeological Museums and churches and chapels. Furthermore, the squares and streets of the old town are hosting the best restaurants of local cuisine. Many of the best known Galician gastronomical products are produced here. It is not of little surprise that, although being an inland province, it has developed a deserved fame for seafood, as is represented above all by its octopus.

The number of papers presented will be limited so there will be no parallel sessions. The Libersky prize will be awarded to the best student judged on the presentation and paper. Open discussions of a special SPH topic will be also be scheduled.

Additional information (registration and accommodation, abstract submission and templates, scientific committees, scientific and social programme) can be found on the workshop website: