Name:  Dr Claude Cambon
Institution: Ecole Centrale de Lyon, UMR 5509 CNRS - ECL - UCBL - INSA, France

Steering Committee

Name:  Prof Luminita Danaila
Institution: Université de Rouen, France

Name:  Prof B. Geurts
Institution: Twente University, Enschede, Netherlands

Name:  Prof J. Hunt
Institution: UC London, United Kingdom

Name: Dr D. Escande
Institution: Faculté de St Jérôme, Marseille, France

Name:  Prof Y. Kaneda
Institution: Nagoya University, Japan

Name: Prof J. Mann
Institution: RISO National Laboratory, Roskilde, Denmark

Name:  Prof W. McComb
Institution: University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Name:  Dr A. Pumir
Institution: Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis, France

Name:  Prof J. M. Redondo
Institution: CIMNE - Universitat Politenica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain

Name:  Dr R. Rubinstein
Institution: NASA, Langley, United States

Name:  Prof K. Schneider
Institution: Univ. de Provence, France

Name: Prof J.Christos Vassilicos
Institution: Imperial College London, United Kingdom

Name:  Prof S. Kassinos
Institution: University of Cyprus, Cyprus

Related Events

Pilot Centre "Henri Bénard" - Meeting

Date: 01/07/2018 Location: École centrale de Lyon, Écully - Amphi 1 Organisers: Claude Cambon, Fabien Godeferd PC Henri Benard  Friday June, 1st 10:30    CHB Introductory session – C. Cambon & F.S. Godeferd 11:00    Special seminar on Henri Bénard

1 Jun 2018

A Systems Approach to Turbulence and Interactions, from Single Phase Flow to Two-Phase Flow

Date : 30-31/5/2018 Location : École Centrale de Lyon - Amphi 1,                 36 avenue Guy de Collongue, Écully, France Organisers : Christos Vassilicos and Claude Cambon Workshop: SIG35  This workshop is partly a follow-up of previous

29 May 2018

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