Chairman: Jose M. Redondo
UPC, Barcelona, Spain
Tel: +34 93 4016802; Fax:  +34 93 4016090  

Steering Committee

Name: Stuart B. Dalziel
Institution: AMTP, University of Cambridge, UK

Name: Francesco Tampieri
Institution: FISBAT, Bolognia, Italy

Name: Gert Van Heijst
Institution: Dept. Physics, TUE, Eindhoven, NL

Name: Tomas Bodnar
Institution: Czech Technical Univ. Prague. Czech Rep.

Name: Yuli Chasechkin
Institution: Institute for Problems in Mechanics, RAS, Moscow, Russia

Name: Paul F. Linden
Institution: DAMPT. Univ of Cambridge,UK.

Name: Philippe Fraunie
Institution: MIO, Univ. Sud Toulon Var, France

Name: Pilar Lopez
Institution: Inst. Pluridisciplinar, Univ. Complutense de Madrid, Madrid

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Reconstruction methods for complex flows and porous media POSTPONED until 2021!!!

Workshop on "Reconstruction methods for complex flows and porous media" POSTPONED!!! Location: University of Sheffield, UK Date: 22nd - 23rd June 2020 POSTPONED UNTIL 2021. The dates to be confirmed SIG: SIG42 Synthetic models in turbulence; SIG14 Stratified and Rotating Flows Organisers:

22 Jun 2020

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14th Workshop on Synthetic Turbulence Models and Fractional Dynamics

ERCOFTAC Workshop Report: 14th Workshop on Synthetic Turbulence Models and Fractional Dynamics - Synthetic methods, complex/fractal flows and porous media The 14th workshop of the ERCOFTAC Special Interest Group on Synthetic Turbulence Models (SIG42) took place at the Université de Caen. It

20 Oct 2019

Report on the International Workshop on Complex Turbulent Flows available Now.

Workshop took place on the 27th - 28th November 2017 in Tangier - Morocco. Read more

1 Feb 2018