International Summer Course and Workshop on Complex Environmental Turbulent Flows

 30 June 2015 - 5 July 2015

Castelldefells, Barcelona, Spain

Organising and Supporting Institutions


Universitat Politecnica De Catalunya, Dept Fisica Aplicada.

Pan European Laboratory on Non-Homogeneous Turbulence


The UPC at the Vilanova i la Geltru Campus and UPC- CIMNE at Castelldefels will host the ERCOFTAC international summer school on Complex Environmental Turbulent Flows. This follows similar events organized in Vilanova, Madrid, Warsav, Prague, Volos and Barcelona since 1992. The main motivation for this 2015 Summer School is to study in depth Transport and diffusion in non-homogeneous, non-isotropic and non-stationary turbulence mostly affected by body forces, which is typical of Environmental Flows. Magnetic fields, Stratification and Rotation are fundamental processes afecting turbulence in industrial and environmental flows, for example to predict convective heat transport, pollutant diffusion and mixing. Reactions, solute transport in Environmental Fuid Dynamics, direct and inverse cascades in turbulence at different scales will be discussed with related topics. The experimental part of the summer school and a series of student presentations will be done at the ERCOFTAC PAN-EUROPEAN LABORATORY ON NON-HOMOGENEOUS TURBULENCE with a one day dedicated Workshop during the summer school.


3D and 2D Turbulence, Astrophysical and Geophysical flows. Oceanographic and Meteorological Applications.

Thermoelectric and Thermomagnetic transport, Mixing and Dispersion in the Environment. Pollution detection, control and prediction

Laboratory experiments in Industrial and Environmental flows…

Invited Lecturers (Organizers *) of the conference are :

P. Fraunié*(MIO, U. Toulon, France), L. Sorriso-Valvo (Univ. Calabria, Italy), J. Pons*, P. Arnau(CIMNR, Castelldefells, Spain), A. Castilla (UPC. Terrasa), T. Bodnar (ITM, CTU Prague, Czech Rep.) J.M. Redondo* (UPC, Barcelona, Spain), J.J Martinez-Benjamin, M. Diez (EPSEVG, Vilanova, Spain) ( O.B. Mahjoub ( U.A.E/Tanger.Universia, Morroco), Y. Chashechkin /E. Shapina (I.P.M, Moscow, Russia). J.M. Sanchez Carcar (BEROTZA, Pamplona, Spain). Greg King (DAMTP, U. Cambridge, UK). P. Huq ( U. Delaware, USA). D. Cano (WMO, CH).

Participants, as well as scientists affiliated to the PELNoHT, ERCOFTAC related Special Interest Groups and to the XTDFTG international turbulence Network are invited to present their recent research in related topics.

Conference fee - €70, ERCOFTAC Members and Students - €40.

The fee does not include accommodation.

Please send an e-mail with arrival dates and to ( , ) before June 1, 2015.

Further Information and registration

J. M. Redondo, J. Pons, P. Fraunie

CIMNE UPC, Campus Nord B5. Barcelona 08034, Spain

Fax(+34)93401 6090,


Sala Lounge CIMNE Castelldefells, C-3 Building,

Campus del Baix LIobregat & Vilanova i La Geltru, 08800

Barcelona, Spain