Numerical Optimization for Industrial Aircraft Design

18th July 2007

ICIAM 2007, Zurich
  • Organizers:

    • N. Gauger, DLR Braunschweig, Germany
    • K. Becker, Airbus, Germany
    • N. Kroll, DLR Braunschweig, Germany

    The industry day is organized by the Pilot Center Germany North of ERCOFTAC and aims to bring together research scientists from universities, research institutes and industry that work in the field of aerodynamic shape optimization. The requirements for practical shape optimization will be worked out, new solution approaches and optimization tools from research institutes will be presented in conjunction with innovative ideas from the forefront of mathematical research at universities. Particular attention will be paid to the fact that aerodynamic shape optimization is a part of a larger, multi-disciplinary design process.

    There are six talks, three are from industry:

    1. Dr. M. Cross (Airbus, UK): "Numerical Optimization for Industrial Aircraft
    2. Dr. P. Rostand (Dassault Aviation, France): "Status and challenges of
      aeroshape design of future aircrafts "
    3. Dr. H. Rieger (EADS-MAS, Germany): "Experiences in Aerodynamic Shape
      Optimization at EADS-Military Aircraft Systems"
    4. Prof. V. Schulz (University Trier, Germany): "Novel techniques for
      aerodynamic design optimization"
    5. Prof. B. Mohammadi  (Montpellier II University, France) and Prof. O.
      Pironneau (Universit? Paris VI, France): "Theory and practice of optimal
      shape design for fluids"
    6. Prof. J. Gwinner (University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich, Germany): "Coupling of Sizing Optimization and Topology Optimization for Industrial Aircraft Design"

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