Management Board

Members of the Management Board 
  • Prof Helge Andersson
  • Dr Stefan Becker
  • Dr Marianna Braza
  • Dr Tomas Bodnar
  • Dr Patrick Bontoux
  • Dr Domenico Borello
  • Prof Claude Cambon
  • Dr David del Campo
  • Prof Luminita Danaila
  • Prof Herman Deconinck
  • Prof Piotr Doerffer
  • Dr Ruud Eggels
  • Prof Maria Founti
  • Prof Dr Eduardo Gaspari
  • Prof Nicolas R. Gauger
  • Prof Charles Hirsch
  • Javier Jimenez
  • Prof Patrick Jenny
  • Prof Karel Kozel
  • Dr Gergely Kristóf
  • Prof Michael Leschziner
  • Dr Antoine Llor
  • Dr Elisabeth Longatte
  • Prof Jan Macek
  • Prof Francesco Martelli
  • Prof Eugenio Oñate
  • Dr Carlo Poloni
  • Prof Jaromír Příhoda
  • Prof Franco Rispoli
  • Prof Gijs Ooms
  • Prof Dr Oscar Rodriguez
  • Prof Pierre Sagaut
  • Dr Mirjam Sick
  • Dr Reinhard Tatschl
  • Dr Dominic von Terzi
  • Prof Vassilis Theofilis
  • Dr Stefan Wallin

Composition of the Board

ERCOFTAC is governed by its General Assembly of all representatives of member organisations. In practice power is generally devolved to the Management Board and its Executive Committee.

The composition of the Board is governed by the By-Laws of ERCOFTAC. These specify that:

  • The Association shall be managed by a Board composed of a minimum of 10 members, of whom at least one has the Belgian nationality.
  • The Board shall be composed of elected representatives of voting members. Half shall be elected from the members of the Industry register and half shall be elected from members of the Research register. Hereafter these representatives are referred to as Board members. The Board may propose up to five additional members to the General Assembly. The chairmen of the Scientific Program Committee and the Technical Committee are ex-officio members of the Board.
  • The Board members are appointed by the General Assembly on the following conditions : Each Board member shall be elected for a 2 year term and is eligible for re-appointment. They are serving in a personal capacity only.
  • Each year up to half the Board may be changed. This applies only to Board members who have completed two year service. In case of a vacancy the Board will nominate a temporary substitute. The next General Assembly will elect a permanent replacement. A Board member's two year term shall begin from the date of election by the General Assembly. The position of a Board member is unsalaried.

It has become the general custom for each ERCOFTAC Pilot Centre to nominate members of the Board, typically one from industry and one from research. In the case that they are not nominated by their Pilot Centre, the Board Chairman, SPC Chairman, IPC Chairman, Treasurer and Deputy Chairmen are regarded as Board members ex-officio. Formally these officers can comprise the 5 additional members the Board can suggest to the General Assembly. The Board is elected en mass by the General Assembly every two years; provisional interim appointments can be approved each year.

At the start of 1998 the Board moved to holding its meetings once a year, generally in autumn. The Executive Committee meets in spring with similar powers. Either a Board or an Executive Committee meeting follows the meetings of the Scientific Programme Committee and the Industrial Programme Committee, and considers their recommendations as well as other matters.