Mini-Symposium on Fluid-elastic instability in tube bundles

4th December 2007, Chatou, France

In the context of the French GDR in FSI.  


Programme: programsymposiumdecember2007chatou.pdf


  • A. Adobes : Computation of fluid-elastic instabilities in steam generator tube bundles
  • M. Braza : Interaction fluide structure dans un faisceau de tubes : physique et modélisation
  • C. Caremoli : Using SALOME Plateform for coupled fluid structure computations
  • E. Longatte : Code coupling for simulation fo flow-induced vibrations in tube bundles 
  • F. Baj : Benchmark on the numerical simulation of a tube bundle vibration under cross flow 
  • C. Allery : Numerical simulation of VIV for a moving cylinder under cross flow