The role of streaks in transition and turbulent shear flows


In recognition of the growing mathematical, computational and experimental interest in the role of streaks in transition and turbulent shear flows we are hosting a workshop in mid-December at Imperial College London.

The workshop is supported by EPSRC/EADS/Airbus funded UK Laminar Flow Control Centre and as part of the ERFCOTAC special interest group (SIG) 33.

Throughout the week of December 10th LFC-UK is hosting a number of international experts in this field culminating in a day-long workshop on Friday 14th December.

Invited speakers include

  • Bruno Eckhardt (Marburg)
  • John Gibson (New Hampshire)
  • Tobias Schneider (Max Planck)
  • Sotos Generalis (Aston University)
  • Rich Kerswell (Bristol University)
  • Phillip Hall (Imperial College London)
Venue and format

During the week LFC-UK will host visitors and informal seminars in the Laminar Flow Control Centre at Imperial College London ( The one day workshop will be hosted at the Holiday Inn London Kensington Forum ( which is very conveniently located in South Kensignton by Gloucester Road tube station and close to Imperial College London.  

Download the full program here.

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