Global Flow Instability and Control Symposium V

September 19-22, 2012

Creta Maris Conference Center, Hersonissos, Crete, Greece


This series ofsymposia established in 2001 has created a world-class forum for presentation and discussion of results and open issues inglobal flow instability and control. This is particularly interesting in view of the increasing adoption by the community of instability analysis and theoretical flow control approaches based on the pertinent two- and three-dimensional partial-derivative eigenvalue problems.During the 5th edition of the symposium, focus will again be placed onadvancesin theory, numerical algorithms, and experiment, which enableidentificationand control of fluid flow global instabilities in real-worldapplications. Emphasis will be placed on extraction of meaningful information out of the largedatasets typically generated by global instability analysis. Highlights of this year's edition of the symposium will include, but are not limited to, supersonic and hypersonic complex flow instability, instability of flow through realistic models of geometries of biological interest, instability of three-dimensional basic states, as well as recent developments in transient growth and control of complex flows. The intended target audience encompasses specialists who have contributedtopioneering developments in this field and are willing to promote thesynergybetween theory, experiment and computation in order to advance both thefrontiers of knowledgeand technology transitions in this field. Youngresearchers with an interest in global flow instability and control have been an integral part of the Symposium since its early days and are againencouraged to apply.

Abstracts are sought, related (but not limited) to:
  • Globalinstability and control offlows, the basic state of which is inhomogeneous in two or all threespatialdirections
  • Experimentaland computationalinvestigations and demonstrations of open andclosed-loopcontrol
  • Theoretical,computational, andexperimental work on transient growth in such flows, and in particulartherelation of transient growth to flow control>
  • Flowcontrol methodologies, includingoptimal control,adjoint-based methods, andreduced-order modeling

  • Accurate and efficient algorithms for the numerical solution of large (partial-derivative) eigenvalue problems and direct numerical simulation
Thematicsessions will be organizedduring the Symposium, based on the above topics. Each session will beintroduced by keynote addresses and followed by short contributed presentations, each of which will be granted long discussiontime.  Afterthe presentations split-out groups will be formed to discuss the themesessiontopics, as well as subjects identified during the Symposium bydelegates as beingworthy of in-depth discussion. Each discussion group will have a spokesperson who on the last day of the Symposium will report back to the plenum on theconclusions and consensus reached. In this manner two of the results of the symposium are expected to be: a consensus on past achievements and identification offutureresearch avenues.

Abstracts accepted for presentation will be bound together in electronic form and provided with an ISBN number issued by the Fundación General UPM.

For detaild information visit webpage of the event (link).

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