Hybrid RANS-LES Methods in Industrial CFD:
Overview, Guidance and Examples

18th - 19th June 2012, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Hampton Marina, Virginia, USA

Coordinator: Dr. Charles Mockett, TU Berlin, Germany


- An overview of turbulence modelling

- A firm foundation in the theory and ideas underlying
RANS, LES and Hybrid RANS-LES techniques. 

- Recommendations and guidance for the appropriate and effective application of RANS and Hybrid RANS-LES

- Examples from real-world engineering simulations

Provisional Programme and Speakers:

Dr. Charles Mockett
CFD Software GmbH, Berlin Germany and Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
“Introduction to course and overview of hybrid RANS-LES”

Prof. Kyle Squires
Arizona State University, U.S.A.
“Background of RANS modelling, motivation and formulation of DES”

Prof. Elias Balaras
University of Maryland, USA
“Overview of LES Fundamentals”

Dr. Harmen van der Ven
National Aerospace Laboratory, The Netherlands
“Numerical considerations for hybrid RANS-LES“

Mr. Fred Mendonca
CD-adapco Ltd., U.K.
“Examples of hybrid RANS-LES for flow & noise prediction in industrial applications”

Additionally, there will be two open panel discussions (question and answer sessions), one at the end of each day.