2017 Osborne Reynolds Research Student Award

14th July 2017

The Osborne Reynolds Research Student Award was a great success, including oral presentations, a poster session and two keynote presentations. We are again grateful to the School of MACE for hosting the event; to Prof. Brian Launder, Dr Imran Afgan and their very effective team for handling organization and to Prof. Michael Leschziner for co-ordinating the abstract reviews. We are also grateful for the support of the industrial sponsors – ANSYS, BAE Systems, CFMS, EDF Energy, GE, Siemens and Zenotech, and the chairs of the individual sessions: Prof. Jim McGuirk (Loughborough University) and Prof Peter Stansby (Manchester University).

The finalists for the oral presentation this year were:

Pablo Oura Barba, Cardiff University: "Tidal stream turbines survivability challenged by seabed induced turbulence"

Guilio Dolcetti, The University of Sheffield: "A new wave for shallow turbulent flows: free surface patterns and their measurement with ultrasound"

Francesca De Dominico, University of Cambridge, "Behaviour of Accelerating Entropy Spots"

Dong Yang, Imperial College London: "The acoustics of short circular holes"

Adrien Lefauve, University of Cambridge: "Linear stability and coherent structures in laboratory stratified turbulence"

Erwan Rolland, University of Cambridge: "Identification and separation of entropic and compositional noise"

In addition, there was a complementary array of fourteen posters to view over the extended lunch break with topics ranging from the use of GPUs for incompressible SPH to reduced numerical precision for increased accuracy of weather and climate models, and from haemodynamic to the derivation of elementary magneto-hydrodynamic interactions

As with last year all the poster presenters gave a short oral summary of their research to the audience immediately before lunch and the audience members individually voted to choose the winners of the poster competition. 

Sandwiching the oral and poster presentations there were two keynote lectures: 

Dr C. Alberto Figueroa, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and King’s College London: "Image-based Modelling of Hemodynamics: From Methods to Applications", and 

Dr Sylvain Lardeau, Principal Developer Siemens (Siemens), "Reality of turbulence modelling for industrial applications?"

The quality of the student work presented was again extremely high, and the deliveries were engaging and well prepared. After some deliberation, the panel awarded the oral presentation medals to Adrien Lefauve, University of Cambridge (1st Place), Erwan Rolland, University of Cambridge (2nd Place) and Guilio Dolcetti, The University of Sheffield (3rdplace).

In addition, the audience ballot identified the 3winning posters:

Alex Chow, University of Manchester: “A Fast Incompressible (ISPH) Solver For Free-Surface Flows Using GPUs”,

Michael McElroy, Manchester Metropolitan University: “Geometrical Accuracy Enhancement of Coronary arteries For Haemodynamic Simulations”, and

Tobias Thornes, University of Oxford: “Reduced Numerical Precision For Increased Weather And Climate Models”.

Professor Brian Launder gave a fascinating and insightful short talk on the turbulent life of Osborne Reynolds to close the proceedings before the presentation of the prizes and plaques. 

Professor Jim McGuirk kindly made the presentations.

From left: Dr Imran Afgan (Manchester University, Chairman of Organizing Committee), Prof Brian Launder (Manchester University, Organizing Committee), Erwan Rolland (Cambridge University, Oral Presentation 2nd Place), Alex Chow (Manchester University, Poster Winner), Michael McElroy (Manchester Metropolitan University, Poster Winner), Adrien Lefauve (Cambridge University, Oral Presentation 1st Place), Guilio Dolcetti (Sheffield University, Oral Presentation 3rd Place), Tobias Thornes (Oxford University, Poster Winner), Prof Jim McGuirk (Loughborough University, Session Chairman), David Standingford (ERCOFTAC UKPC), Prof Peter Stansby (Manchester University, Organising Committee).

The three oral presentation winners have been entered into the Europe-wide competition for the Europe-wide da Vinci Award to be held in Delft in October 2017.  

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