ERCOFTAC Individual Membership

Individual Membership (IM) is available to:

a) persons engaged in research on Flow, Turbulence and Combustion that can demonstrate activities to further the objectives of the Association (indefinite duration)

b) Da Vinci Award finalists with digital bulletin for the period of 2 calendar years following the participation without fees

c) ETMM participants for 2 calendar years

Benefits of Individual Membership:

  • Members participate in a network of international collaboration and exchange between industry and research.
  • Members are entitled to reduced price for any copies of ERCOFTAC BPG Books
  • Members receive substantial reductions on registration feesfor courses, seminars, workshops etc. organised or sponsored by ERCOFTAC.
  • Members have access to the most recent results of joint research projectsin discussion/undertaken in ERCOFTAC Special Interest Groups (SIG).
  • Members participate in a Pilot Centre (PC) that provides contacts and can help to obtain national support for research activities.
  • Members are entitled to reduced subscription ratefor the Journal of Flow Turbulence and Combustion.
  • Members receive updates about the free, fully accessible and unique ERCOFTAC QNET Knowledge Base Wiki.

Individual members has no voting rights.

Fee structure:

  • basic rate, it does not include ERCOFTAC Bulletin: EUR 100 per year
  • advanced rate, it include ERCOFTAC Bulletin: EUR 160 per year

P​lease fill the form to register as an Individual Member: