Symposium on sound source mechanisms in turbulent shear flows 

Poitiers, France

7th - 9th July, 2008


CEAT (Centre d’Etudes Aérodynamiques et Thermiques)
CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique)
ENSMA (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Mécanique et d’Aérotehcnique)
ESIP (Ecole Supérieure d’Ingénieurs de Poitiers)
LEA (Laboratoire d’Etudes Aérodynamiques)

Symposium objectives

The question regarding the mechanisms by which heated turbulent flows convert vortical and thermal energy into acoustic energy remains as controversial as ever, despite over 50 years of intensive research in the field. The first golden age of aeroacoustics (1950s-1970s), where the analysis approach was largely theoretical, led to an impasse in terms of an unambiguous identification of causality (between vortical, thermal and acoustic motions) in the flow equations, and indeed a general unified theory of aeroacoustics was not achieved-this impasse is of course inextricably tied to the theoretical problems faced in the field of compressible turbulence. Many of the most sophisticated theoretical developments were difficult to assess, due to the complexity of the physical quantities identified as relevant to the jet noise problem. As a result, many of the ideas and theories which currently exist regarding noise sources in jets remain contentious, and, rather than serving as a guide for low-noise design, tend instead to generate controversy and disaccord.

Recent developments in terms of our capacity to both numerically and experimentally analyse the physics of compressible, turbulent flows have opened up new possibilities however. The objective of this workshop is to provide a platform for open discussion of these possibilities. The workshop will comprise invited talks, held over a two-day period, wherein recent studies, findings and ideas can be presented. Extended round-table sessions will provide an opportunity for the community to think collectively, with a view to arriving at some consensus regarding priority future research goals, and the analysis tools which these will necessitate.

Programme:  ercoftac-ssmtsf_program.pdf

Organising committee

P. Jordan (Chairman)
S. Lele (Co-chairman)
V. Kopiev
K. Viswanathan

Local committee

Y. Gervais
V. Fortuné
J.P. Bonnet
J. Delville

Advisory Commitee

T. Colonius
A. Dowling
J. Freund
S. Glegg
M. Goldstein
M. Hirschberg
M. Howe
D. Juvé
U. Michel
C. Morfey
L. Morino
P. Morris
N. Sandham
C. Tam