Aerosol Engineering


  • Stimulate research concerning formation, transport and evolution of aerosols through experiment, simulation and theory
  • Foster new ideas concerning controlled and targeted aerosol delivery
  • Manage multidisciplinary scientific interactions between active research groups in research and engineering of aerosols
  • Develop industrial connections to R&D groups working on challenging applied problems concerning aerosol engineering
  • Facilitate alignment of research groups for engagements and joint applications for external funding

Motivation & Landscape:

Aerosol science is present in various research fields spanning from atmospheric science, spray applications concerning cooling or combustion, and environmental science with relation to air pollution and air quality. For such applications large communities and groups can be identified either globally (e.g., International AerosolResearch Assembly (IARA), International Society for Aerosols in Medicine (ISAM)) or within the Ercoftac community (e.g., SIG 5 - Environmental Fluid Mechanics). The proposed SIG Aerosol Engineering is related to targeted aerosol delivery and dosimetry efforts that require multidisciplinary scientific exchange on the ground of physics, chemistry, and biology. For such applications it is rather difficult to identify joint research knowledge exchange platforms. The proposed SIG will foster such multidisciplinary exchange and collaboration between academic and industrial partners developing and offering access to the best practices in the area of multi-phase flows containing aerosols. This will span over all applications in which controlled and targeted aerosol delivery is required (e.g., medical inhalation devices, in-vitro dosimetry for toxicological purposes).