SIG Activities prior to 2007 

March 2005 : Meeting with Liebherr Aerospace at the place of this Company in Toulouse concerning the steering of the activities of swirling flows in the domain of turbomachinery applications. In this context, Liebherr Aerospace aims at subscribing ERCOFTAC membership within this SIG and within the France-South Pilot Centre.

September 2005 : Meeting at IMFT between Prof. H. Andersson, Dr. M. Braza, P. Chassaing, representing also the Fluid Mechanics and turbomachinery group of ENSICA (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Ingénieurs en Aéronautique) and Dr. G. Harran (IMFT and representative of LEEI/ENSEEIHT (Laboratoire d’Energie Electrique de l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Electrotechnique, Hydraulique-Toulouse) concerning a review of the SIG activities in respect of the wall rotation effects in wind engines for electric power production (“Eoliennes”) in collaboration with EDF - Châtou (steering the France-South Pilot Centre); and a review of the collaborative activity among the above partners. The SIG members exchanges turbulence modelling aspects in the context of wall rotation with the industrial partners.

30 November 2006 : meeting at IMFT with Liebherr Aerospace, the SIG coordinators and the IMF-Strasbourg (ERCOFTAC member) concerning the SIG activities on swirling flows (turbomachinery, rotation effects in environmental flows, oscillatory flows around wings).