International Combustion Institute

Summer School

 Near-Wall Reactive Flows

6th - 10th June 2016

Bensheim, Germany

Course Description and Aims

Advances in various engineering and processapplications necessitate better understanding of underlying surface processesor near-wall phenomena in concerning systems. High-temperature materialsynthesis and processing, engine heat transfer and combustion, and chemicalprocess technology (chemical vapor deposition and infiltration, catalyticprocesses, etc.) are just a few familiar examples. Thereby processes, such assurface reconstruction, surface material damage, material deposition, filmgrowth and material etching, wall-flame interaction, surface reactions andtheir coupling with chemically reactive flows, have to be addressed.

The course objective is to provide the participantswith today’s detailed knowledge on

 Turbulence-Chemistry Interaction

 Chemical Kinetics under low temperature conditions

 Near-Wall Reactive Flow Diagnostics

 Heat-Transfer and Turbulent Multiphase-Flows

 Near-Wall Reactive FlowApplications


The ICISS-Summer School incooperation with TU Darmstadt and ERCOFTAC is intended to report on the statusand perspective of experimental, theoretical, and numerical techniques forunderstanding, describing, and designing near-wall reactive flows in diversescientific and engineering fields. Furthermore, it aims at providing anopportunity for researchers and interested workers to present the state of theart, discuss new challenges and developments, and exchange ideas in the areasof near-wall reactive flows.

Who should attend?

The course is directed towards internationalgraduate students and researchers of mechanical or process engineering,chemistry, and physics focusing on the fields of combustion, energy science,turbulent or multiphase flow, fluid mechanics, kinetics, laser diagnostics,thermodynamics, or heat transfer.

Summer School site

The summer school is going to take place in theAlleehotel Europa in Bensheim, Germany.

Europa-Allee 45

64625 Bensheim


Fees and Registration

The Summer School, as well as accommodation,social events, and meals will be free of charge. The costs for traveling arenot covered by the summer school.

The application form is available under: à EventsàSummer School

Please include a short motivation on why youwould like to attend the school in your application. You are welcome to presenta poster.

Organizing Committee

Prof. Andreas Dreizler

Technische Universität Darmstadt (Germany)

Prof. Olaf Deutschmann

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany)

Dr. Andrea Gruber

SINTEF Energy Research, Trondheim (Norway)

Prof. Thierry Poinsot

National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse (France)

Prof. Amsini Sadiki

Technische Universität Darmstadt (Germany)

Full Programme


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