25th - 27th August 1999

Brekstad, Norway 

This is a report from the fourth annual meeting of the Nordic PC, which was held in Brekstad, Norway August 25-27, 1999.

First of all I would like to thank all of the participants for a successful meeting. It was a well attended meeting with a number of participants from all of the four represented Nordic countries. The annual meeting has become an event which is appreciated and which few want to miss, not the least for the good locations of the meetings and the activities which our Nordic hosts arranges. This year there was an exciting fishing trip on the Norwegian Sea. For those who were not there a list of participants and a copy of the program is included at the end of this page.

In addition to the research seminars, information about ERCOFTAC activities during the past year was given as well as discussion of the future activities of the Nordic PC. A short summary is given below.

1) The industrial membership of ERCOFTAC has risen by 50% in the last year, much due to the activities of the Industrial Advisory Committee (IAC) and its SIG 101 on Quality and Trust in CFD. Rolf Karlsson informed about those interesting developments. More can be learned on the ERCOFTAC Coordination Center homepage.

2) The first issue of the ERCOFTAC journal called "Flow, Turbulence and Combustion" came out during the past year. It is published by Kluwer and replace "Applied Scientific Research". The first issue can be found here.

3) The number of Research members has stayed the same in the Nordic Pilot Center during the past year, while the industiral members has risen by two industrial research groups.

4) There was an election of representatives of the Nordic PC. No changes were made this time. Dan Henningson stays as coordinator, and research representative in the Managing Board and the Scientific Program Committee and Rolf Karlsson stays as industrial representative in the Managing Board and the Scientific Program Committee.

5) Discussion about how to increase the Nordic exchange, particularly of graduate students, resulted in plans for an action to NorFA and national funding agencies about possible coordinated funding. Poul Larsen mentioned that DCAMM has courses, some of which are in Fluid Mechanics, for which funding may be available for Nordic participants. Arne Johansson informed that there are possibilities for graduate students from neighboring Nordic countries to attend courses given by the Department of Mechanics, KTH and several new Research Schools started in Sweden. These courses are usually taught during concentrated intervals with several weeks bewteen each full day of classes, so as to make it possible for attendees from a far.

6) The next annual meeting will be in Goteborg, Sweden. Preliminary dates are August 31st to September 1st, 2000.

Thanks again for a good meeting,

Dan Henningson, Coordinator




Brix Jacobsen, Christian

Byskov, Rikke Kau

Condra, Thomas

Gaunaa, Mac

Larsen Poul S.

Lomholt, Sune

Pedersen, Nicholas

Sorensen, Jens N.

Stenum, Bjarne


Hellsten, Antti

Laine, Seppo

Lindroos, Kati

Makiranta, Reima

Oksanen, Antti

Rautaheimo, Patrik

Sierila, Sanna

Talvitie, Maarit


Andersson, Helge

Borresen Jr, Bjarne

Hansen, Olav R.

Jakobsen, Hugo

Jenssen, Carl Birger

Johansson, Peter S.

Krogstad, Per-A*ge

Langtangen, Hans Petter

Lygren, Magne 


Alavyoon, Farid

Berggren, Martin

Burman, Jorgen

Chevalier, Mattias

Hansson, Jan

Henningson, Dan

Johansson, Arne

Karlsson, Rolf

Lofdahl, Lennart

Pralits, Jan

Revstedt, Johan

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