26th - 28th August 1998

Majvik, Finland
  • This is a report from the third annual meeting of the Nordic PC, which was held in Majvik, Finland August 26-28, 1998.

    First of all I would like to thank all of the participants for a successful meeting. It was very good to get an insight into what is going on in the area of industrial computational fluid mechanics in the Nordic countries. For those who were not there a list of participants and a copy of the program is included at the end of this file.

    In addition to the research seminars, information about ERCOFTAC activities during the past year was given as well as discussion of the future activities of the Nordic PC. A short summary is given below.

    1) The Nordic Pilot Center was reviewed by the ERCOFTAC organization during the past year. It received a good review and is one of the more active ones in the organization. There will be a report about the Nordic PC in the December issue of the ERCOFTAC Bulletin, to which all members are welcome to contribute.

    2) ERCOFTAC is publishing its own scientific journal called "Flow, Turbulence and Combustion". It is published by Kluwer and replace "Applied Scientific Research". The first issue will appear during fall of 1998.

    3) Rolf Karlsson described the Industrial Action Committee (IAC) initiative on Quality and Trust in CFD. Many industries in Europe are participating and Rolf encouraged increased participation from Nordic industries.

    4) The Second Summer school on Turbulence and Transition Modelling took place at KTH June 10-16, 1998. The invited speakers were Danial Arnal, ONERA, Uwe Dallmann, DLR, Rainer Friedrich,TU Munich, Sanjiva Lele, Stanford, Olivier Matais, Grenoble, Jim Riley,Univ Washington. See the full announcement/report at the Nordic PC homepage.

    5) A revived SIG 2 on Turbulent Boundary Layerswere described by Arne Johansson. Arne together with Bertrand Aupoix at ONERA are heading that activity, which has received a lot of interest.

    6) The new special interest group called "Laminar-Turbulent Transition Mechanisms, Prediction and Control", organized by Germany North PC and the Nordic PC, will have a meeting in Gottingen Sept. 14-17, 1998. See the full announcement at the Nordic PC homepage.

    7) A workshop on CFD for flows in water turbines will take place at Porjus, Sweden, June 20-23, 1999. See the full announcement at the Nordic PC homepage.

    8) The next annual meeting will be in Trondheim, Norway. Preliminary dates are August 26-27, 1999.

    Thanks again for a good meeting,

    Dan Henningson, Coordinator 


    FINLAND (20)

    Ahlstedt, Hannu/TUT:

    Hauhia, Markus/Neles Controls:

    Hellsten, Antti/HUT:

    Jacobson, Tommy/IVO:

    Jarvinen, Esko/CSC:

    Kaurinkoski, Petri/HUT:

    Kemppainen, Pasi/HUT:

    Koskinen, Kari/IVO:

    Lahtinen, Mikko/Ahlstrom Karhula:

    Laine, Seppo/HUT:

    Larjola, Jaakko/High Speed Technology:

    Oksanen, Antti/TUT:

    Pajula, Pasi/CSC:

    Pitkanen, Harri/HUT:

    Puittinen, Reijo/Ahlstrom Karhula:

    Rautaheimo, Patrik/HUT:

    Saarenrinne, Pentti/TUT:

    Siikonen, Timo/HUT:

    Talvitie, Maarit/TUT:

    Taskinen, Pertti/TUT (Wartsila Diesel Oy):


    SWEDEN: (14)

    Bergstrom, John/Lulea UT:

    Caraeni, Duro/LTH:

    Darrieutort, Lydia/VOLVO:

    Fuchs, Laszlo/LTH:

    Henningson, Dan/FFA/KTH:

    Hogberg, Markus/KTH:

    Johansson, Arne/KTH:

    Karlsson, Rolf/Vattenfall:

    Keski-Seppala, Sven/KTH:

    Palm, Johan/ABB Corp.:

    Rizzi, Arthur/KTH:

    Sedin, Yngve/SAAB:

    Soderberg, Daniel/KTH:

    Wikstrom, Petra/KTH:


    NORWAY (3)

    Andersson, Helge/NTNU:

    Sorli, Karstein/Sintef:

    Torbergsen, Lars/NTNU:


    DENMARK (2)

    Condra, Thomas/Aalborg Uni:

    Stenum, Bjarne/Risoe National Laboratory:



    Wednesday 26.8.1998


    17.00-19.00 Arrival at Majvik and registration

    19.30-22.30 Sauna and meal

    Thursday 27.8.


    -08.50 Breakfast

    Session No 1 Chairman Seppo Laine


    09.00-09.10 Welcome (Seppo Laine)

    09.10-09.40 Report on ERCOFTAC and Nordic PC (Dan Henningson, Arne Johansson)

    09.40-10.40 National overview (Thomas Condra, Helge Andersson, Dan Henningson, Seppo Laine)

    10.40-11.00 Coffee break


    Theme: CFD

    Session No 2 Chairman Dan Henningson


    11.00-11.30 Future Trends in CFD at HUT, Timo Siikonen/HUT

    11.30-11.40 Description of a COST Action, Art Rizzi/KTH

    11.40- 12.00 Object Oriented Grid Generation Techniques Applied in CFD, Karstein Soerli/Sintef


    12.00-13.30 Lunch break


    Theme: CFD and EFD in industry

    Session No 3 Chairman Helge Andersson


    13.30-13.50 Work Going On in the SIG on Quality And Trust in Industrial CFD, Rolf Karlsson/Vattenfall

    13.50- 14.10 CFD in R&D and Engineering in IVO Group, Tommy Jacobson/IVO

    14.10-14.30 CFD at VOLVO, Lydia Darrieutort/VOLVO

    14.30-14.50 Benefits of CFD-analysis in the Radial Compressor Design, Jaakko Larjola/LUT

    14.50-15.20 Coffee break (Poster presentation by Ahlstrom Pumps Corporation)


    Session No 4 Chairman Rolf Karlsson


    15.20-15.40 Some Examples of Computational Aerodynamics at SAAB, Yngve Sedin/SAAB

    15.40-15.55 The Use of CFD in Attenuator-plate Design, Markus Hauhia/Neles Controls

    15.55-16.15 High Speed Train Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics, Johan Palm/ABB Corp.

    16.15- 16.35 Simulation of Heavy Fuel Spray and Combustion in a Medium Speed Diesel Engine, Pertti Taskinen/TUT

    16.35- 16.50 CFD at the Center of Scientific Computing, Esko J„rvinen/CSC

    16.50-17.20 CFD in Engineering Design, Analysis vs. Simulation, Sven Keski-Sepp„l„/KTH


    18.00-19.00 Visit to Hvittrask museum

    19.00- Buffet dinner in the "Castle of Majvik"


    Friday 28.8.

    -8.00 Breakfast


    Theme: CFD

    Session No 5 Chairman Laszlo Fuchs


    8.20-8.40 Simulation of a Flow in a Fuel Assembly of a Nuclear Reactor, Patrik Rautaheimo/HUT

    8.40-9.00 LES of Compressible Flow in Complex Geometries - Numerical and Physical Aspects, Doru Caraeni/LTH

    9.00-9.20 Some Improvements in Menter's k-omega SST Turbulence Model, Antti Hellsten/HUT

    9.20-9.40 A Study of Passive Scalar Flux Through Experiment, Simulation and Modelling, Petra Wikstrom/KTH


    9.40-10.10 Coffee break


    10.10-10.30 Optimal Control of Flow Instabilities, Markus Hogberg/KTH

    10.30-10.50 Flow Field in a Mixing Tank, Hannu Ahlstedt/TUT

    10.50-11.10 Time-phase Averaged Flow in TurbineRunners - an Approximate Model for the Flow in Complete TurbineSystems, John Bergstrom/Lulea UT


    Theme EFD

    Session No 6 Chairman Arne Johansson


    11.10- 11.30 Particle Motion and Magnetic Separation in Microflow, Bjarne Stenum /Risoe

    11.30-11.50 Plane Liquid Jets and Their Relevance to Paper Making, Daniel Soderberg,KTH


    12.00-13.30 Lunch break


    13.30-13.50 Turbulence Power Spectrum Density Analysis with LDA, Pentti Saarenrinne/TUT

    13.50-14.10 Use of PIV in Water-Fiber Suspension Flow, Mika Piirto/TUT (presented by H Ahlstedt)

    14.10-14.30 Axisymmetric Contraction of Fully Developed Pipe Flow, Lars Torbergsen /NTNU

    14.30-14.50 Coffee break

    14.50-15.10 Future activities, Closing

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